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One in a million

4 Feb 2009 - Jennifer of Philadelphia, Montgomery writes:

Great work out. I like something that is fast but also works. This also can be done away from home any time any where. This is one of the best abe workout that I have done.

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It is a great tool

27 Mar 2008 - Ryan of CA, USA writes:

I got a burned copy from a friend on VCR tape. I have used the video so much that it finally stopped today, so I'm online trying to buy one of my own. That is how much I love this video! I did it until it didn't hurt anymore and then I used to do it 2x per day. I would also workout about 3 hours a day. This tape alone will not give you the abs of your dreams but you have to think what you are doing right now hasn't either. This is just 1 extra tool to help get you there, not a magic wand. What I've found is that you can't lose weight by just dieting or by just working out, you have to do both. Good luck everyone!

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Patience is the key!

29 Feb 2008 - Eve of New York, USA writes:

For those who say this video isn't helpful. You obviously do not know a thing about working out. You won't get a 6-pack AB right away, or not even a few weeks, or even months. It takes time and patience people! Just like those diet pills that advertise "All you can eat and still lose wait." Please! Get real. Doing this exercise alone, while you stuff hamburgers down your throat is also not gonna do the trick. It's combined effort. Working out, eating right, etc. Yes, this video does wonders. My husband who has been following this video every night for the past year or so has a 6-pack ab. While he is no Arnold Schwarzenegger, but yes he did achieve a tight stomach. But he also eats healthy, stays away from sweets and while he is not at the gym every night, but he is active, he walks a lot, he never eats junk food, etc. Patience people, patience!

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This Product Works!

22 Feb 2008 - Kathryn of Indiana, USA writes:

I bought 8 minute abs on a whim. I saw it on sale for $10 and figured, why not give it a shot? I've tried all the other ab workouts, I've been through the humiliation of humping the floor with the help of the "ab roller," and the shame of attempting to stand up out of the "ab lounge" after a less than satisfying workout, but as soon as I started the 8 minute abs, I knew this would be a worthwhile product. I've only been using the program for a few days (The dvd I have includes thighs, arms, buns, abs, and stretch) and I already feel a difference. After the very short but effective 8 minutes, my abs feel tighter and my whole body feels energized. The program also offers an added get a decent cardio workout. Let's face it, an entire workout in 8 minutes means lots of moving around. After the first session, I was working up a slight sweat. I would recommend this product to EVERYONE, especially those who get bored with the treadmill and weight machines.

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It works if you do

3 Feb 2008 - Lisa of Minnesota, USA writes:

My husband and I have owned 8 Minute Abs for over 10 years and it works if you actually use it and clean up your eating. We recently purchased it in dvd format and recommend it.

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One day and I cant move... AWESOME!

1 Sep 2007 - Tiffany of Arizona, USA writes:

Well this is day number two. I just had my baby girl a month and a half ago and have been trying to find an exercise program that works for me. Ive been through quite a few fitness tapes, and I despise the cheesy aerobics crap. I have the 8 minutes complete set (abs, arms, buns, legs and stretch). For the first time after working out, it hurts to move which really gives me hope that it's going to work. It makes it easier to stand the 80's type porno music in the background, which is the only thing I'd change about it. I'll update in a month and let you know what happens.

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7 Aug 2007 - Julie of Delaware, USA writes:

I went [] and tried the 8 min abs & i tried doin it everynight which i did for a while then just off and on and i mean i didnt drop pounds but i think i looked thinner an my stomach was more defined and i even had ppl say my stomach looked flatter!! i say this is a yes my dad told me i should do it and it was the best advice!! go [] & get it for free!! i did the 8 min legs thou an i think it messed my knees up lol

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It really works

30 Jul 2007 - Stephanie of Louisiana, USA writes:

I've been using 8 Minute Abs off and on for the past 12 or so years. I got it in college and still have the same VHS tape. The moves are very basic but they get the job done. Even after two children I can see and feel a difference in my entire ab area after only a few workouts. I wouldn't say this would make you lose weight since it's only a few minutes of toning and not cardio. But if you want more definition and flatter abs, this is a great workout to add in your rotation.

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Good Help

31 Mar 2007 - Anonymous of California, USA writes:

I've done 8 minute abs for about a month now, and I have to say the results are worth it, I don't eat healthy (so i have not trimmed the top layer of fat) but i am developing a two pack and the box. The 8 minutes are easy and at the same time challenging. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to tone up their gut!

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Be realistic

17 Dec 2006 - Tracey of Maryland, USA writes:

This is a great product that works if you are consistent.The negative reviews are mainly from people who were not consistent or were expecting immediate results.Sorry folks, it takes time to see results no matter how great the product is and it only works when you actually use it.I am limited on how much time I can spend working out.So having a workout that targets this area is a plus for me.

Review Quality: Helpful  (18 votes) | Unhelpful  (2 votes)

4 Dec 2005 - Ashlee of Florida, USA writes:

I bought the 8 minute abs vidoe about two years ago! I just resently started using this product and Ive lost over 10 pound off my belly and 5 on my not so loveable love handles! This video really works I recemend this vieo to anyone who's serious about there body!!!

Review Quality: Helpful  (7 votes) | Unhelpful  (16 votes)

16 Aug 2005 - Beth of Washington, USA writes:

I bought this tape a few years ago but never used it much. After having two kids I have made it my goal to use this video every day. I have only been on it for a week now but can definately feel it working. I also think that the workout is straightforward and simple, so it makes it great. I love the little timer on the video so you can see your progress and how much longer you have left.

Review Quality: Helpful  (6 votes) | Unhelpful  (5 votes)

2 Jul 2005 - Anonymous of North Carolina, USA writes:

I purchased the 8-minute fitness complete set a couple of weeks ago. I have used only the abs, stretch and arms portion of the dvd and boy does it work! This product is surprisinly AMAZING! Sure the instructors are cheesy but in the end, you get a fast, effective 8 mintue workout that WORKS! I can feel the burn and I loved how they have a 8-minute timer on the tv screen so you know how much you have left! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you BUY this!

Review Quality: Helpful  (11 votes) | Unhelpful  (3 votes)

8 Feb 2005 - Alison of Ontario, Canada writes:

I just started using 8 minute abs one week ago. I absolutely love it. I used to do crunches every night before bed and had a very flat stomach, but after a couple of lazy years (!!) and a pregnancy, I was suddenly dealing with a flabby stomach which has never been my problem area. 8 minute abs is fantastic because there is really no excuse not to take 8 minutes to do the video, and the burning feeling the next day proves that it is doing something. I don't expect miracles and I know that it will take a couple of months to really see the result I want, but I have faith!!!

Review Quality: Helpful  (6 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

27 Dec 2004 - Jason of New York, USA writes:

I got the video and am on my 3rd week every week i have seen changes and iam hoping to have great abs in 2 more months. i recentlly just noticed and indent above my belly button, which is my muscles condensing and shaping.

Review Quality: Helpful  (10 votes) | Unhelpful  (3 votes)

15 Dec 2004 - Karen of Colorado, USA writes:

The eight miniute abs workout leaves my upper abs hurting the next day.  It really does work under the rib cage.  The only problem is I want it to work the whole abdominal area. Lower, core and upper.  The lower leg lifts don't do it for me.  Heck, 8 min on any muscle group should fatigue it.

Review Quality: Helpful  (8 votes) | Unhelpful  (5 votes)

13 Dec 2004 - Troy of Illinois, USA writes:

I love 8 minute abs.. When I first started out.. it was difficult and I would have to break before each technique.. but once you use it 8 minutes everyday, you will find yourself going through the tape like a breeze.. and feeling how effective it is.  The order in which each type of crunch is put on the tape helps a lot.. there will be 3 crunches that hit the whole abdominal then they throw in a reverse crunch.. it helps you get through the tape. This tape can work for anyone.. you just have to keep it up.

Review Quality: Helpful  (6 votes) | Unhelpful  (6 votes)

8 Feb 2004 - Mike of New York, USA writes:

Disregard any negative reviews you see about this video.   To those who say its to hard, they quit before it could work (and they probably weren't doing it right to begin with). Of course its tough, but after a week or so you'll find yourself completing each exercise. It doesnt happen in 8 minutes, you need to keep doing it eveyday and you'll see the results. Perfect bodies don't come in a pill, you have to work for it and this video will definetly help you get there, especially if you watch what you eat.

Review Quality: Helpful  (8 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

- Sarah of Tennessee, USA writes:

8 Minute Abs is terrible if you haven't worked out your abs in a long time. The exercises are too strenuous for a beginner, and you will get aggravated very quickly. This video sucks and you do not get perfect abs in 8 minutes. Try 8 months...

Review Quality: Helpful  (7 votes) | Unhelpful  (22 votes)

- Sean of Louisiana, USA writes:

This was the best tape I ever used. All of the exercises burned really bad which is what I liked. I woke up every morning sore, not able to move and it made my abs ripped.

Review Quality: Helpful  (7 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

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