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- James of Kansas, USA writes:

I began using 8 Minute Abs over five years ago when the video was relatively new. I had a 34 inch waist. After one month of doing the video every morning faithfully, I had trimmed my waist to an incredible 32 inches without a change in diet. My mother, who had a 44 inch waist, noticed the change on me and began doing the video with me. She lost around 4 inches on her waist after about six weeks. I am even more impressed now.  I have what many would call "perfect abs" and I owe all of my thanks to this video.  My only criticism, if you can call it that, is that the front of the stomach becomes flatter quicker than the "love handle" area.   Have faith, however... after a while the love handles will diminish as well. I had washboard abs after about three months... and I'm the type who eats coconut cream pie and fried foods on a regular basis.

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- John of California, USA writes:

I have been working out for several years now and not really getting any results from situps. I tried the tape and kept goin'. After a week I noticed a difference. I went from a 38" waist to a 36". The main thing is that it keeps you going without getting boring. 9 Exercises for 45 seconds and you hit all the moves. First thing in the morning I hit the tape and after 8 short minutes it's over and you get results. It's great having a personal trainer in your living room everyday and getting results.

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- Tittanna of California, USA writes:

Hi... I just bought the 8 min abs videos only 3 weeks ago. At first I couldn't see any changes (that was the 1 week). After 2 weeks I could see changes and it does work you to get abs!!!

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- Leslie of Illinois, USA writes:

I bought 8 minute abs maybe about a year ago but could just not bring myself to do it enough, I did feel the burn but I am always lazy when it comes to abs and no matter what I do my neck hurts when I do ab exercises.  I have purchased a Smart Abs and when it finally gets here (grrrr) I will try that =)

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- Patricia of North Carolina, USA writes:

I have tried all 4 videos and love them. The ab and butt workout are going to be hard to get anywhere else without alot more time investment.   I was sore for days and I have worked out alot.  My neck is always sore after doing an ab workout after I have been lax for a while, but that will disappear after you have strenghtened those muscles.  I have worked out at Gold's and many other gym's.   This is a great compromise since I don't have time to go to the gym right now.

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- Desirae of Florida, USA writes:

I have only used the video about 4 times and just in that time, I can feel the difference it is making.  It burns, and that is what it is sopposed to do to let you know that it works.  I will continue to use it.  I have a 3 year old and it is hard to get the time to go work out, but I have eight minutes to spare each day.

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- John of California, USA writes:

i have purchased the 8 minute abs video and so far i don't see any changes in my abs. i have been using this program for 2 months and no changes. i am still hoping for the best.

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- Alex of Connecticut, USA writes:

I try to do ab work, as much as possible, but find them boring. This tape, though, makes it fun, and the 8 minutes basically flies by, and now I'm feeling it seriously in my abs. These tapes are real good for someone who wants to do SERIOUS ab work.

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- Antoinette of Wisconsin, USA writes:

I use these tapes everyday.  They are not easy, but they are very effective.  I would recommend these to anyone.  I love them.  They have changed my body shape.

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