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27 Jan 2009 - kat of california, usa writes:

How do you fold up chair! Have used and loved my ab chair my friend gave me but please help I don't know how to fold it up! Thank you!

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Wow---It is WORKING!!!

16 Jan 2009 - Shauna of Texas, USA writes:

I am going on 40 this year. Enough, is enough. I started working out with other friends. Our friend has the Ab Lounger. I have a way to go, but I can already see the results. My shirt is not tight on my tummy, today. When I was younger, I remember doing a hundred sit-ups a night, every night. As I got older, I had to stop due to back pain. Now, that I have found the ab lounger, it doesn't hurt my back at all and I just feel the tingling in my tummy. So thanks, ab lounger.....I can do this!

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You Must Use it Correctly

12 Nov 2008 - Tonya of Arkansas, U.S. writes:

I have an Ab Lounge and I can honestly say, it hurts, which is great. After a workout, I want my abs to hurt, so that I know I have been getting a good workout. I have seen several people posting comments about how they don't feel the workout or the burn in the abs. When I first bought my Ab Lounge, I was so anxious to just get on it and workout, I wasn't using it correctly. I, also, didn't feel the burn, and believed I just paid a lot of money for a piece of junk. But I wasn't using it correctly!!! Something I would like to emphasize on, is that the chair is NOT supposed to do all the work for you, the chair is only there for support. I realized I was mostly using my arm strength, in pulling myself upward. This is why I wasn't feeling the burn. Just as with sit-ups and crunches, when using the Ab Lounge, you have to use your abdominal muscles to bring yourself up, not your arms/upper body. I have had great results with the Ab Lounge.

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Ab Lounger that my husband bought me.

4 Nov 2008 - Lisa of CA, USA writes:

AB LOUNGER HURT MY BACK. I had a childhood injury and when I extended back on the ab lounger it ended up hurting my back and I now need surgery because of it. It is called a slipped disc. If I would not have extended backwards I would have been fine. I am now having facet joint injections until I can afford to have surgery. Both my Doctors say Ab lounger is not good for your back. I have never been so miserable in my life! Lisa

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Works but does not last

15 Sep 2008 - Jim of PA, USA writes:

My son (115lb) and I (140lb) have used the Ab Lounge Ultra and find it to a great way to work your core, particularly if the instructions are followed. After less than a year, my 13 yr old son has worn out both handles and the center bearings have come apart. I can understand wear with any machine, but the bearing is the fundamental working element; our unit is shot. I was advised by customer service to buy a new one. This makes it a $200/yr value?

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Beware!!! It Works

2 Jun 2008 - Army Instructor of Pa, USA writes:

Being in the army physical fitness is a must I purchased the ab lounge ultra while being deployed and (with a good diet) I have seen a big differance..Many of my soldiers have the lounge and have toned up and have increased there reps during there phisical fitness test..

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An Excellent Tool To Get The Job Done!

10 Mar 2008 - Joseph of New York, USA writes:

The premise of the Ab Lounger is to whip your abdominals into shape in no-time flat right? Well hey I'm hear to let you in on a little works. The exercise you are doing is The Jackknife a far superior exercise to the crunch or sit up as you have a wider range of motion that your abs go through thus ripping them more(you're also not putting strain on your neck or your tail-bone which you will be happy about when you're older). Now like you've heard before you do need to watch what you eat there's a very simple and idiot proof method which I have always used and it's as easy as counting your caloric intake, there's different intake amount for different weight types and your goals and what-not personally if I want to maintain weight I'll go with I weigh 200lbs. x 10 +200(myweight)=2200 per day. If I want to lose weight I simply drop the number, if I want to gain weight I bump it up and I use protein supplements to help me with that. As for Cardio, getting your heart rate up for about an hour a day 4-5 times a week will boost your metabolism and the fat will literally melt away after a couple of months all the while you're building those Ab muscles before you know it you're feeling better about yourself and hitting up the beach with a renewed confidence.

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It is effective

5 Mar 2008 - Rebecca of Connecticut, USA writes:

A quick summation- The Ablounge is effective, and does work. That's not to say in a month you will have those slim sexy abs, however. To be able to see the ab muscles, there has to be a decrease in fat on your stomache. Like any dietary aid or workout routine, it is ALWAYS recommended to be used with a proper diet. However, if you are looking for a more enjoyable way to begin a work out routine, or something to add to an already existing one, I highly recommend this. I have one, and am proof it is effective with consistant use, and a healthy lifestyle. Good luck :)

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Do It The Right Way

4 Mar 2008 - Laura of California, USA writes:

I have been using the Ab Lounge now for about 2 months. IT WORKS! For those of you that say that it doesn't work, maybe you should watch the DvD more than likely you are not using it the correct way. Proper diet and cardio excercise will also help get you better results because it lowers your Body fat %. I have a six pack from using this thing and highly recommend it. Dont just hop on it, take your time, and do it properly, you will get the results!!! 3x a week is substanial, dont over do it.

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11 Feb 2008 - angela of Florida, USA writes:

I bought an ab lounge and liked it. But then the cover split (I am a woman weighing 115 lbs) I contacted the company to request info on buying a replacement cover. Their answer was "Buy a new Ab Lounge" What a waste! I would never buy from them again.

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8 Feb 2008 - Angela of Florida, USA writes:

I bought this chair over 2 years ago and use it often. I think it's great and does just what it says it will. I also do yoga, tai chi and pilates. Sometimes for different reasons I miss doing them and then feel I need to ease back slowly and always use my ab lounge to loosen up. I keep it set up and even when I don't have time for any other exercise i can always use it for a few minutes.

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Recommended by my PT

7 Feb 2008 - Joe of Louisiana, USA writes:

I don't know if it works yet, but my physical therapist just recommended it - to strengthen my abs, get some weight off (yeah, yeah, I knew that :), and consequently stop my aching back. And knowing this guy, it must work. He's not one to hype the latest fad (he offered to show me how to do crunches without it, too.)

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It works - with diet and regular cardio exercise

29 Jan 2008 - Erin of New York, USA writes:

I feel compelled to write a review of the Ab Lounge after reading the complaints of many people that simply do not have any common sense...This product will work when used regularly (3-4 times per week) and with the combination of proper diet and cardio exercise (5-6 times per week). People look for a quick cure as read in many reviews below and expect that by using this machine alone you will burn fat and come out with a miracle flat tummy -- WRONG. Diet and cardio exercise will drop the weight. The Ab Lounge will help define and strengthen the ab muscles that will show through once the fat is burned through cardio exercise. Loosing weight and defining muscles is just hard work - plain and simple, you cant expect this one machine to solve all problems. The other plus to the Ab Lounge is the back support - it allows you to do more reps without the constant strain on your lower back. I recommend this product 100% if you expect to simply define your abs, with back support. Don't expect to loose weight!

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Works well

13 Jan 2008 - Melissa of Florida, USA writes:

The machine works really well. You have to know how to do situps correctly before using this, but in my humble opinion, the machine takes the strain off of your lower back if done correctly. Also, you won't see the results if you don't work to get your body fat % down. Just remember not to get discouraged, you can have washboard abs from all the hard work, but if your body fat percentage is high, the muscles are going to stay hidden. The key is balance in diet and exercise. I love this machine.

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I love the Ab Lounge

1 Jan 2008 - Kelly of North Carolina, USA writes:

I think this product is amazing, however I did exsperience frequent back aches and I didn't exactly feel the "burn". I simply refused to watch the vidio, thinking I knew everything to possibly know about the Ab Lounge. Eventually I did watch the video,I learned how to do the excersises and how to use the product the correct way! I went from a size 8 to a size 6 within a month. Right now I'm working down to a size 4, I do 3 sets of 50 reps a day. I take breaks so I wont get to tired and I certianly take it slow so I won't throw my back out! I do recomment this product!

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15 Dec 2007 - cookie of Virginia, USA writes:

OK, my unlce bought this a couple weeks ago. I LOVE IT but at first i was a bit skeptical. Before I didnt use the video because i felt it was useless but then i found my arms aching more than my abs. So i used the video adjusted the setting and found out what the problem was.What you have to do is use your upper body only. That means do not strecth your legs out or move them in any way. Just like a traditional sit up your legs stay put. Also breath in and out and tighten your abdimonal muscles. Try to strecth your arms, back and abs before excercising. I found this to lessen the pain afterwards. And dont forget to diet!!!!!!!! Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day trust me it will work fine. I lost 5 inches off of my stomach and 5.5 lbs in 2 weeks!

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12 Dec 2007 - Corey of California, USA writes:

I'm 23 years old. I purchased the Ab Lounge for my local retail store for 99 bucks. I've read plenty of review about how this thing doen't work. WRONG! I'm 6' and 220 pounds. I'm not in bad shape, but my wild nightlife has added some unwanted weight on. I use the Ab Lounge about 4-5 times a week for 1/2 an hour(sometimes longer). If you follow the instuctions on the proper technique, you will feel a burn within 10 reps. The results I got were amazing. In about two weeks I could tell a big differeance in my belly size and defined abs. Use this product. i have before and after pics I love to show people. USE IT!

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30 Nov 2007 - Anonymous of North Carolina, USA writes:

Do not waste your money on this stupid chair. You'd get better results doing crunches on the ground with a pillow under your butt. This machine only made my feet hurt at the bar and takes up way too much room. The customer service sucks! I'd rather buy me healthy food and work out regular than using this. Military use all natural workouts and they get 100% results and it's all natural. If you want to work out and get ab's the first step is to get off your butt and do the natural stuff. This is a waste of money and I did waste my money. I got faster and better results just doing regular crunches. These people are laughing at you people who are buying this piece of shit from them!

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Waste of money & floor space

17 Oct 2007 - Carol of Virginia, USA writes:

I was hyped by the TV commercial and bought the Ab Lounge, even though my hubby told me it was a waste of time. When I got it I was pretty jazzed and ready to prove him wrong and also very much ready for a flat tummy after 6 kids. Bottom line is that is it not only a waste of time and doesn't work, it actually hurt my back bad enough that I had to see a chiropractor to stop the pain. The Ab Lounge takes up a lot of space, is expensive, and it's truly a lemon. Save your money and do crunches - I saw a lot more results with standard crunches - sometimes there just isn't any replacement for hard work and sweat. The AB Lounge is not a magic machine to get a flat tummy, only a magic machine to line the pockets of the company who sold it to gullible folks like me.

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i like it

6 Oct 2007 - Greg of Louisiana, USA writes:

I like this product. My mom got it and I dont use it any more because i was getting blazed and too lazy to work out. But when I did use it, I could feel the burn and I did it everyday. It helped keep me in shape during the duration, feeling the burn and producing sweat is of course helpful.

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