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29 Jan 2009 - John of Ohio USA, USA writes:

My mother in-law purchased this for me for xmas and I have been body building for over 18 years and I haved tried alot of products out there and I will say this ab machine is the real deal. It works & works well. I have been a police officer for over 14 years and when you spend as much time as I do behind the wheel of a car it doesn't take much to get a little flabby but with this machine it's melting away. Thanks so much! John

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AB Lounge XL - Fly-Trap

9 Aug 2007 - Vram of Ontario, Canada writes:

First off, I was flabbergasted by the size of the box/product when it arrived, I just wanted to do the RETURN TO SENDER thing, but decided to test it. You need to have house or an almost empty apartment./seperate room for this product. It's huge, bulky, scary, heavy, clonky, ugly and the list goes on and on. Trying to assemble this product was a puzzle, thank god for the demo. on the CD which I found out later in the game. I was so frustrated with the assembly process. I knew for sure then, I would be returning it the next day.I almost got hit in the face/lost a finger with this "fly-trap" in trying to do the so-called "folds for easy storage" Look out guys not as easy as it looks on TV!!!!!!!! Also found that the chair itself was very stiff/not very flexible to work with.

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better than the floor

27 Jul 2007 - Jan of Michigan, USA writes:

I got an AbLounge for my birthday and use it occasionally, but I like it. I used to do crunches on the floor, which isn't that comfortable but doable for me. I much prefer to use the Ablounge now. I can sit on my ablounge and watch some TV, and just use it during commercials. When I actually used it pretty regularly, my abs felt like they were getting stronger. I definitely feel as if it was a good purchase. It would probably be better if I could add some resistance, or weights to it though.

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Educated Opinion!

20 Mar 2007 - Mark of Missouri, USA writes:

Let me be not the first to say this works, but that it works well, if you know HOW to use it! Some experence GREAT results while others say that they can't feel a single sore muscle. This is due to the technique in how you use this machine. The arm strap in not in place for you to hold onto and pull yourself up with your arms(hence the "not feeling a single sore muscle"). It is a smooth moving motion even on the very first ab lounge! Its not going to be a smooth motion if you have weak abdominal muscle and you have to throw your entire body up just to get it to move. But from my Health and Wellness degree experence this machine is a GREAT alternative for floor abdominal exercises!! BUY IT, you woun't regret it, just learn how to use it properly and just don't assume!

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We Love Our Ab Lounge XL !!

14 Feb 2006 - Lizabet of Arkasas, USA writes:

We have had this for a month now and my husband and I both love it! It so much easier than getting down in the floor. We got the one with the kit that includes a counter. My husband does 100 a day and has lost 1" off of his waist so far. I have worked up to 70 a day and my waist is definately firmer! Good luck to all!

Review Quality: Helpful  (37 votes) | Unhelpful  (21 votes)

Piece of junk

6 Feb 2006 - Barbara of Connecticut, USA writes:

I ordered this and set it up quickly. Tried it out for a few days several times a day. It does nothing! Not one sore muscle. It's great for lounging and watching tv, but that's it.

Review Quality: Helpful  (31 votes) | Unhelpful  (34 votes)

26 Jan 2006 - Matt of Iowa, USA writes:

I ordered this contraption for my wile & myself because the infomercial seemed credible and We voweed to start excercising as a "New Years resolution" sort of thing. We have tried it a few times and it REALLY doesn't seem to work. I really don't feel much burn in my abs, and neither does my wife. Gives me a heck of a back ache due to the range of motion. Not a smooth motion like on the comercial, kind of jerky instead. We would NOT reccomend. Thank god I got the 30 day trial, Sending it back tomorrow. I think the only people who would give this a good review either doesn't need one or works for Fitness Quest. Awful!!!

Review Quality: Helpful  (27 votes) | Unhelpful  (18 votes)

21 Jan 2006 - Loria of California, USA writes:

I just bought the Ab Lounge XL and have used it several times. Pros: You do feel the burn and it's definately easier than doing situps on the floor. Cons: The strap on the top is too narrow to put your hands through and I find myself holding on to the frame rather instead of using the straps. I called to see if I could order the handle that Rosalie uses in her video, (its available on the AB Lounge Ultimate) possilby to connect it to my Ab Lounge model. The CS rep told me they didn't have that handle available anymore. I then had to correct her and explain it was available on their other model. Anyway, it would be good to have the option of ordering either handle for this machine. I also find that my neck does hurt when I use this machine.

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29 Nov 2005 - Brandon of California, USA writes:

I recieved the item yesterday, it took less than 10 minutes to set up. I ordered the professional package which was $50 extra. I have used the product repeatedly and must say it does work fairly well. I am a pretty lazy person when it comes to exercising, but I do enjoy using this product. Pros: Easy to set-up and use. Cons: the computer counter it came with is not that accurate and the DVD is short(professional package). I  do reccomend using this product.

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21 Oct 2005 - Evita of Connecticut, USA writes:

I just received my Ab Lounge XL. I ordered it saying, "Well, I'll try it for 30 days...then I'll return it. More than likely it doesn't work". Well, I received it like 1 hr ago and I've done 110 reps already. I absolutely LOVE it. My abs have never been worked this much. I'm a true believer. I can't wait to come back in a few weeks and tell my progress. I'm gonna have my boyfriend do it too. He's got a gut to lose. This is the product we've been waiting for. Good Job! LOVE IT!

Review Quality: Helpful  (27 votes) | Unhelpful  (22 votes)

17 Sep 2005 - Dudley of New York, USA writes:

So far I'm impressed. I have just received my Ab Lounge XL. They've fixed the pinching problem of the previous models. I found the assembly pretty logical and only needed to refer to the instructions to verify what I had already done. Folding is a little tricky the first few times, but your improved health should be worth a little persistence. The workouts are easy to do and I feel the burn in the target areas. I believe that, at this point, I have the right tools. The rest is up to me. I will try to remember to file a follow-up when the "Six Pack" is in the mid! Only now I have to work out a schedule with my 14 y/o son, because the Ab Lounge bug has bitten him as well.

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