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Consumer Reviews

Ab Burn

18 Jan 2009 - Danelle of Ca, United States writes:

Well I bought it and well it didn't run out the way I had hoped. Where ever the electrodes touched my skin, I had a burn. My muscles did contract like it said it would and they were sore the next day like I had done crunches the day before but I ended up with burns. I waited until the itchy burns healed and then put on a lower level...but to no avail I got burned again.

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Not happy with it.

16 Dec 2008 - Vince of California, USA writes:

My wife bought the Abtronic but paid about $100 for it. I was a sorry looking thing. I saw this for $59 and thought it was a better deal because it had four electrodes to her one. Just like some people here have stated it burned. I put on my wife's abtronic and I could feel my ab jumping up and down. It may depend on the person but nothing is going to give you weight and size reduction without a proper diet and exercise.

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Don't expect miracles!

8 Oct 2008 - Leonardo of McAllen, Texas writes:

I've been using the AB Energizer for years, and it works GREAT! But don't expect miracles. I imagine a lot of fat people use this product, and expect to suddenly have a six-pack. When I started using the AB Energizer, I was on the college swim team, and I already had a flat stomach, but I didn't have any definition. The AB Energizer did get me a noticeable six-pack. BUT notice I already had a flat stomach from the beginning. I continue to use the AB Energizer, and I continue swimming, jogging, and bicyling. DON'T expect the AB Energizer to give you a six-pack if you're fat. Many friends of mine who are fat have bought it thiking it will have the same result on them as it has on me.

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Noticeable results...

21 Jun 2008 - Kane of Michagan, United States writes:

I bought this belt like new from a [] store for $7 and have only been using it for a week. Even for such a short time, IM ALREADY SEEING RESULTS. And plus, i saved $143!

Review Quality: Helpful  (6 votes) | Unhelpful  (2 votes)

2 Dec 2005 - Jean of Nebraska, USA writes:

I have to agree that this product was a total waste of money.   Yes I felt my abs tightening, but no way can you get a 6 pack from using this alone, not to mention the fact even after wiping the "contact gel" off the belt after each it started to peel and crack. I was only able to use it for 3 months and it was dead.

Review Quality: Helpful  (18 votes) | Unhelpful  (8 votes)

10 Oct 2005 - Vern of North Carolina, USA writes:

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT SAVE YOUR MONEY. I wanted to get rid of my belly fat right a way.So I ordered 4 energizer for my belt.It was a waste of money. I have not lost a pound after 3 months of use. But I did get a shocking experience.If you want to lose weight you must cut back on you food intake and exercise.

Review Quality: Helpful  (4 votes) | Unhelpful  (15 votes)

26 Jul 2005 - Marius of Lilehammer, Norway writes:

this is just a piece of junk. only thing this thing has given me are burnmarks. been 1 year since ive used this thing and my burnmarks are still there. stay away from the eb energizer!!

Review Quality: Helpful  (7 votes) | Unhelpful  (14 votes)

26 Apr 2005 - Theresa of New Jersey, USA writes:

o.k. well i have been in training for 3 years now, my whole body is toned, my stomach is, well anyway i have a pouch, i have tried everything, the ab energizer for almost a year, doesnt work, the ab lounge chair, almost 3 months, doesnt really work, the only thing that i have found that really works is the ab roller, a lot of people say they lose the weight with the ab chair, and diet, but of course you will lose weight if you change your diet alone, with less calorie intake,, now i only do the ab roller and killer crunches on my own, i will see if that gets any results

Review Quality: Helpful  (11 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

24 Apr 2005 - Alex of California, USA writes:

I had the product for a long time before I used it.  I was amazed that it is just like getting an expensive Ionithermie treatment at the spa when you get it placed right and turned up fairly high. It took a bit of experimentation to turn it up to the high setting I like.  Need to find replacement conductant gel (not a common item) as it goes pretty quickly.  All in all it will work once you figure out how to turn it up.

Review Quality: Helpful  (11 votes) | Unhelpful  (11 votes)

4 Feb 2005 - Richard of Quebec, Canada writes:

This is by far the worst piece of junk I ever bought. This device will actually burn right through your skin leaving little tiny white spots on your stomach - which are painful. I called customer service, they claimed that they had never heard of this problem and suggested that are apply more gel - I did, same result...I tried everything. The company misrepresemted themselves - many others who have reviewed this product have also experienced the burn. This product is a farce.

Review Quality: Helpful  (8 votes) | Unhelpful  (10 votes)

14 Dec 2004 - John of Oregon, USA writes:

I found that this product simply does not work!  I tried it for 3 weeks and can see no difference in my abs.  I think that spending the $55 on this product would have been much better spent on a gym membership rather than wasting my time with this product.  I really hoped that it would work, but, it didn't.

Review Quality: Helpful  (8 votes) | Unhelpful  (17 votes)

21 Sep 2004 - Wil of Georgia, USA writes:

I have only been using this product for only one week and I feel the difference and see the difference with one inch off my waist line and much toner abs.

Review Quality: Helpful  (10 votes) | Unhelpful  (11 votes)

- Jennifer of Florida, USA writes:

After reading the reviews on this website I still couldn't decide if the Ab Energizer was the right product-it seems that opinions run a very wide range! I finally decided to give it a try. After one month I'm happy to say that I am seeing results. My abs honestly look better than I have ever gotten them to look with sit-ups. I'm actually developing lines and shape I've never had. There are some cons, however, that should be considered. One, you really have to stick with it. You have to use it every day for quite awhile to see results. Two, it does feel like you're being shocked. But I wouldn't say it's unbearable. I wouldn't be using the Ab Energizer if it was. If you want this belt to work the abs and perhaps the hips and lower back it's a good investment. But if you want to work the arms or smaller body parts I'd get something with a smaller belt or one that is interchangeable.

Review Quality: Helpful  (8 votes) | Unhelpful  (13 votes)

- Danielle of Pennsylvania, USA writes:

I bought the ab energizer about a week ago and have been using it faithfully every day. I am already in good shape, and the first time I used it I described the sensation as "weird and a little painful" but not this shocking feeling that it seems a lot of people are getting. I can't tell if I've gotten results yet, but I think I have. I will post again later. After a week, I am already on level 10 of the second program. I never use the first program cause I don't know what its doing. I had my boyfriend try the product as well, and he said it was very painful and had to keep it down around level 2 or 3. I'm not sure what constitutes the difference between our two reactions. I recommend this product and I feel it will make a difference. I am definitely satisfied.

Review Quality: Helpful  (8 votes) | Unhelpful  (13 votes)

- Eric of Arizona, USA writes:

I just bought the new ab energizer. I put it on and felt a little pinches. It soon turned into a very nice massage. I could of gone for days but it said to do it for 10 min. The next morning I was kind of sore. That means this product works. I highly recommend this to anyone. The people who say it hurts and leaves cuts are wrong. I'm 13 and it doesn't hurt at all.  Whenever I'm sore I just slap it on and pow!!! It is comfortable. I LOVE IT!!!

Review Quality: Helpful  (11 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

- Jim of South Carolina, USA writes:

I purchased the AB Energizer from a national chain store. It took me about 20 minutes to find a setting that I liked. It is best to sit still when using this product; if not, it will move about- and you will be shocked due to the consequent gaps that will form between the aluminized surface and your skin. I use the product for 1 hour at a time. No burns, or cuts. You have to use the right setting for your level of tolerance. After about 3 days of using this product, I started to feel full abdominal muscular contractions. It was a strange feeling at first, but they were very good contractions. I started out with a 34 inch waist. After about 8-10 days, I no longer had to "suck" in my stomach; my abdominal muscles had enough resting strength to hold everything in place. After 3 weeks, I started to notice the unmistakable signs of a "six pack." My posture was better, and I looked  much thinner from the side. After 2 months, I had a good "toned" six pack, however it was not as defined as a six pack that you can get from crunches. Does the AB Energizer work? Absolutely yes. You JUST HAVE TO STICK WITH IT!!!! Don't give up, give it time. Good luck, and lose that gut!

Review Quality: Helpful  (13 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

- Michael of Wisconsin, USA writes:

Product worked great at first. I am in fair physical condition so was really just looking for an aid. And at first this seemed to be the solution. Then it started to hurt. The device started to shock my skin no matter how little or how much of their gel I used. Have discontinued use, and am returning to Target where I purchased it.

Review Quality: Helpful  (8 votes) | Unhelpful  (9 votes)

- Bradford of Illinois, USA writes:

I just received my ab energizer product after two weeks and have already lost three inches off my waist and one inch off my buttocks, which was pretty good. I immediately tried it on and felt my muscles contracting. It was a deep contraction and felt good. The whole belt and waist thing are very firm and don't slip. They are a little big to my taste but will definitely do the job. I recommend this product to anyone who isn't allowed to work out all the time.

Review Quality: Helpful  (5 votes) | Unhelpful  (13 votes)

- Matt of Florida, USA writes:

Have been using it a week now. It takes a little bit of adjustment to get used to it. I feel results. Visual results will take longer. It seems to work ok. I was expecting more muscle stimulation, it's more like a buzz and a snap rather than a controlled contraction of the muscles but I'll keep using it.

Review Quality: Helpful  (10 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

- Gil of Alabama, USA writes:

Purchased item at Target. Within 1 hour of opening the box, watching the video, reading the manual and trying the unit out I had it re-packed and am taking it back to the store today. In my opinion it's junk. The first thing the manual shows is the club they want you to join for $10 per month for which you will receive extra supplies needed to run the energizer if you're going to use it regularly. I've used Dr. Ho's EMS machine and even though its a little clumsy its still easier to use than having to spread gel on the electrodes and on your body that the Ab Energizer requires. I could go on and on but I think this should give you the picture.

Review Quality: Helpful  (5 votes) | Unhelpful  (13 votes)

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