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6 Second Abs

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6 Sep 2011 - Sonia Maldacea of Italy, Italy writes:


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Where is the training video

12 Jan 2009 - eddy of bc, canada writes:

Can anyone tell me where to find the training video? I've started using Abflex for a week, I know that there is a correct way of using it, so I looked all over the web for the training video or any user guide but had no luck! WHERE! WHERE! Where has it been hidden!

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Ok... what am I supposed to do?

15 Nov 2008 - Stacey of PA, US writes:

I've had this product for a while, but it didn't come with any instructions... WHERE can I find the instructions, I'm interested in doing the exercises correctly.

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Abflex works!

13 Mar 2008 - Joe of NY, USA writes:

To the consumer who said he/she used it for 30 minutes a day and had no results - they MUST have been doing it wrong. If you follow the video (which I like to do because they motivate you to keep going at a strong pace), unless you're some type of body builder already, you CANNOT do it for much more than the 3 minutes. I've had this unit for maybe 10 years. I literally never saw my ab muscles before using it. Its what the people in the infomercial said also, but it was true. Do it right and it works, do it wrong and you'll probably just get a stomach ache.

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11 Mar 2008 - Zarathustra of Europe, Norway writes:

Hola! I began using the abflex on February 1 1996, having given up on ordinary sit-ups, and within a 10 month span, November 9th, I lost minimum 20 pounds, maybe even 28, using only the abflex. I remember weighing 154 pounds (77 kiloes) June 1995 so I cannot be completely accurate. I went down from perhaps 160 pounds to 130 pounds and became rather skinny. My friend asked if I were dieting, as she noticed a tremendous change already after a mere 3 weeks. I said "No" and explained. She started to laugh and ordered the abflex too:) The reason for this dramatic weightloss was an increased metabolism which sit-ups do not generate. In the beginning I took it easy, 15 minutes, then towards the summer I used it an hour. Now, at the age of 40, recovering from a depression, I am again back to abflex trying to lose the gained wait. This time the abflex is also combined with use of Orbitrek, or other physical training which is recommended. I give abflex my highest recommendation for getting me back into shape when I literally had given up. Sincerely yours Zarathustra

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Worth it!!

20 Nov 2007 - Adam of England, UK writes:

This is a really good product, I had one from being about 14 - 20 years old and it really does work and I had a perfect six pack. The rubber bands died after being used heavily for 6 years! I have just ordered another one today and I can't wait for it to come. Cheap and effective, definatley worth it!

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10 Jul 2005 - Jon of California, USA writes:

Brilliant yet simple and cheap product. I'm pretty impressed with it. We have a huge weight machine and a total gym but with a belly like mine there is just no way I can truly get rid of it with those machines. I tried my friends ABFLEX which he purchased at the [] for only one dollar and have wanted one since. It works incredibly well without overexerting/straining the rest of your body unlike the equipment I have. Who wants to have to use every inch of their body when to focus on their abs??? I surely don't. You're exerting your entire body in a manner that is only beneficial to the abs. The ABFLEX gives incredibly results with a small amount of reps. I've never been able to get rid of my stomache but with one of these I am certain I could get 6 pack abs. The ABFLEXER is awesome and should be really cheap only now I can't find one!Even [] has let me down... IF YOU SEE ONE, SNAG IT!

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18 May 2005 - Nina of Texas, USA writes:

I love this machine!!! It works great. It allowed me to really use my muscles by forcing me to flex them hard every time I did a crunch. It really made my stomach flat and muscles visiable. I will never do a plain crunch again!!!

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8 Feb 2004 - Jackie of California, USA writes:

I bought this product when it first came out on tv.  It was very difficult to do and I saw no results whatsoever.  I was lucky enough to get a refund.  Please do not waste your money!

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13 Jan 2004 - Dawn of Indiana, USA writes:

I initially thought the Ab Flex was a waste of money until a friend asked whether I was using it correctly.  He told me how to use it and how I should feel afterward. That made all the difference in the world.  I have always had strong abs but no definition.  The Ab Flex gives me definition and in a relatively short amount of time.  When I slack, it doesn't take long to get it back.  I've had my Ab Flex for more than eleven years because it works.  I've finally worn out the belt so I'm shopping for a replacement.

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- Debbie of Kansas, USA writes:

This product is awful! I used it for 30 minutes a day for 3 months, and not one change in my waistline! Do not pay for this product! Tried to get a refund, but no luck!

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- Christine of New South Wales, Austrailia writes:

This is an excellent product. I have had mine for 5 years. I used it every morning for an hour, a month before my wedding and had a flat stomach so I could fit into my dress! Also strengthens my arms so I can prepare myself physically for water skiing every summer.

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- Amy of Washington DC, USA writes:

This product is the worst product I have ever gotten off of the TV. Do not buy the Ab Flex, it is just a waste of money. I was eating right and using this product for two months and still didn't see any results. I went to my normal routine of 100 sit-ups a day and in a week I saw my stomach tone up! So take it from me instead of wasting your money get on the floor and do it the real way.

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- Bob of Utah, USA writes:

The Ab Flex is extremely effective. I've been able to obtain a hard 6-pack with it. Makes the beach a great place to travel.  When I slack off for a while (like when work or school hit hard, we're talking months here) I can get it all back within 2 weeks. It leads to a tighter stomach, greater definition, and stronger back, too. I usually alter the alter the recommended workout by making it longer or throwing in some leg lifts here and there. It's earned me the name of "6-Pack" at many parties.

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- Ron of Texas, USA writes:

This is biggest fraud to which I have been a victim. This piece of plastic looks good but it does not work at all. It only wastes your time and money and it leaves you feeling cheated coping with the same issues about your abdomen.

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- Sachin of California, USA writes:

This machine is not worth the money. I bought the first ab flex that came out and it didn't do anything. I tried it for weeks often going beyond what was expected but saw no results. Save your money!

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- Taylor of Hawaii, USA writes:

I purchased this product when it first came out and had extremely high hopes, as the infomercial was the very first of its kind I've seen for a piece of equipment that targets the abs.  I was really convinced to get it, and did, at the cost of $60 at a store.  I used the thing for two month everyday, but haven't lost any inches around my waist whatsoever.  However, it does strengthen the ab muscles, as I was able to do 45 sit ups in a minute (whereas before I was able to do only 28), becoming one of only 2 guys in my gym class to manage this feat.  So it depends what exactly you want.  If you're looking for shed inches and get a six pack, forget it, this product doesn't work.  But if you just want to strengthen your abs, this is a great product!

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- Juanita of Georgia, USA writes:

I purchased the original Ab Flex and did not have any success with it. My husband tried it also with no success.  I saw an infomercial showing the Ab Flex II which works on the same premise as the original one, it just looks different, so it renewed my interest in trying it again.  I started using it religiously about a month ago and I think I can tell a little difference.  At least it forces me to hold my abdomen in, which gives the appearance of a smaller waistline.

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