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Good for toning

9 Jun 2008 - Brad of UK, UK writes:

The AbTronic is a great piece of EMS equipment. It does what it, and any other EMS, belt is designed to do and that is tone and strengthen the muscle group it is attached to. I have had my AbTronic for over a year now and the results are great. I like the fact that I can sit or lay and do very little work to get the results I want. Overall this is a good value buy. HOWEVER, do not buy the AbTronic if you are intending to use it to lose weight or fat, it won’t work. It should be used with a healthy diet and cardio exercise to help tone the abs. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get a six pack faster and easier, but I stress how important it is to use this with cardio exercise, if the layer of fat covering your abs is there, the results will seem minimal. 4/5 For this.

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20 Jun 2006 - David of Limburg, Belgium writes:

Well, I've seen this product on Belgian television and they recommended it. That edition of TV-Shopping was defenitly 3 years ago and my mother bought it but we never used it! Now, it's 2006 and I started using it and I must say... it's amazing! I don't have burning spots or problems with the battery but I do have results after just 3 days! My biceps are larger and tight. But I have to admit, I use it for 20 minutes and 2 times a day. So 40 minutes on each arm a day.

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16 Jan 2006 - Richard of West Yorkshire, UK writes:

i think this product is super for the value, im a dancer and a model and i was going to the gym every week 5 times for 2 hours and was feeling sluggish with all the work so i ordered the abtronic and went to the gym only twice a week and used the ab belt the other three days and as tho it was a miricle my muscle tone whent up by 49% in two months, so i wasn't gettin exausted but i was getting better results, i have had this product a year now and i use i the same and my body is perfect, i would recomend it to everyone, as long as yuo follow the instructions, yeh the battery runs down every month but what do u expect its so small and u use so much power its bound to run out quick its not as tho u plug it to the mains and it runs all the time! enjoy the effects its super!!!

Review Quality: Helpful  (16 votes) | Unhelpful  (11 votes)

14 Jan 2006 - Ana of New York, USA writes:

I purchased this over 4 years ago and stil have it, and I loved it then and I just starting using it again now and I love it still now. Yes using only this will not solve your weight problems but this is a great bonus to use with your work out or if you want to skip a day use this , it really does work and for everyone that says it hurts or it burns you are not using enough or the correct gel, I am using it right now while I type and you can really feel the muscles working, You just got to start slow and use alot of the gel

Review Quality: Helpful  (11 votes) | Unhelpful  (11 votes)

9 Jan 2006 - Andrew of Queensland, Australia writes:

I purchased this product about 4 days ago and since i have been using it i have noticed results! I dont really have weight problem i just had put on a bit more weight over the studying season and wanted an easy way out. I was very worried about this product not working or hurting me like many of the reviews i read but so far so good. from the second day of use i felt the ache of the musscels that had been contracted. As i knew that this product is not designed at a pure weight loss tool but a body toning device i knew i had to do some mild walking/jogging to break into a healthy sweat aswell to aid wieght loss. I am not sure if my added wieght loss is from my walking/jogging or my abtronic but none the less its gone! I think best results come from using this machine 30 mins on each part of your body daily or more, and then having a bit of an exercise routine also i think i should mention im not dieting at all! im just drinking water but im still eating regular food. The batterys do not last long im already on the second free battery but then againg i did not expect such power from these batterys when i first opened the box. the product does look cheep and nasty and thats about how much i paid for it but i can see results so im happy. this is a great product but no one should spend $100's on it for it to be great though its greatness comes from the cheep price. I do believe for a person with excessive amount of wieght this porduct may not be for them as its not a fat reduction deivce but a body toner which aids in fat reduction. over all i would give this product a 10 for results, a 4 in design and make and a 7 in usability.

Review Quality: Helpful  (9 votes) | Unhelpful  (15 votes)

5 Dec 2005 - Brian of South Dakota, USA writes:

I tried this prodct about three years ago. and I didn't like it because it didn't work good, I had problems with the unit it it stoped working and when i tried to replace it they told me i had to buy a new one. And so I stoped using it because I didn't get any results from it. So I wouldn't advise anyone to buy this product.

Review Quality: Helpful  (26 votes) | Unhelpful  (9 votes)

25 Nov 2005 - Don of Texas, USA writes:

I purchased the Abtronic 4 years ago. I still have the orignal unit. I use it while walking 4 to 5 times a week. Yes, after 4 years the pads are worn out. However, I love my abtronic and am ordering a new one. Of course they are allot cheaper then they were 4 years ago. If you follow the insturctions you will fine that the unit works well. For those who have had a problem with the unit not working try this little thick. First of all the unit seems to stop working when you allow the batteries to get to low. But once that happens more then likely the unit needs to be reset. Remove the battery, then take a dime and touch the two electrods at the same time with the dime. This will reset the unit and it should begin working again.  Love it!!

Review Quality: Helpful  (13 votes) | Unhelpful  (8 votes)

23 Sep 2005 - Will of Ayrshire, Scottland writes:

Firstly to those who experienced burning... [] should have read the manual thoroughly as instructed before use. You must use and AQUA or WATER based gel, never anything else. Also you have to find a position where it is comfortable and then begin to slowly add intensity with each round, never do more than 2 or 3 rounds in a day, and never jump up the intensity without allowing your body the weeks to get used to it, this is a seriously good piece of equipment, and is something that should be used as a supplement to your training, not sitting on the couch all day eating rubbish and smoking and drinking. I used this, and at first thought it wasnt doing much, but i kept at it, and did some cycling and swimming to get some real exercise too as you are supposed to. I ate very well, with some minor exceptions, but kept myself positively minded and after about 3 weeks i suddenly realized how much it had worked, i had much stronger muscles around my abdomin with the appearance of some new ones i had never had before, well, had but never seen looking like that. I have not bothered to use it on my arms, buns, legs but im sure it would be good if you are into building some tone into your body, not just abs. I would recommend this product to anyone who is serious about getting toned up the right way!!! remember to exercise regularly, and eat sensibly or you will suffer pains as it states in the manual. Read it all before use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did, and i got really nicely toned from it, but i did not keep it up, i got lazy, and slipped out of shape again, but i am going to use it to get shaped up again. Use with  BULLWORKER to gain seriously big and well defined muscles with power and strength.

Review Quality: Helpful  (7 votes) | Unhelpful  (11 votes)

1 Sep 2005 - Angeli of Wassenaar, Netherlands writes:

I bought the Abtronic a couple of years ago, and tried it, thinking that it would tone my stomach, after a very heavy pregnancy. After using this product, with a very liberal amount of pure aloe vera gel, I experienced not only severe burning, but consistent cramping in my stomach that lead to an infection of my large intestine. This product, has left me with permanent, severe scarring, and a life time of treatment for pain relief. The abtronic may contract the stomach muscles, but it can also damage the stomach lining, intestine and bowels. Am I the only person who has had such adverse reactions? Do not buy this product. It is not worth the pain.

Review Quality: Helpful  (8 votes) | Unhelpful  (15 votes)

10 Aug 2005 - Tom of Florida, USA writes:

This product is awful quite painful when in use,poorly made it stopped working after three days replaced the battery and nothing happened. Waste of money.

Review Quality: Helpful  (11 votes) | Unhelpful  (4 votes)

31 May 2005 - Kevin of Alberta, Canada writes:

I've been using this product for 8 days and i am seeing a HUGE Improvment i used ot have loose skin and some flab but now after 8 days i am seeing a 4 pack and my 6 pack is comming in, I recomend this to all my friends, I use it 2 times a day 10 20 minutes everydau and i am seeing such a Improvment im so happy

Review Quality: Helpful  (11 votes) | Unhelpful  (9 votes)

29 Apr 2005 - Heather of New Jersey, USA writes:

This item is very pooring constructed and did not perform well.  It did stimulate only one section of the abdominals and did nothing to tone or flatten your tummy.  It was also very uncomfortable to use.  It was almost like receiving a small electrical shock It became so uncomfortable/irritating at times that I couldn't keep it on for more than a few minutes (no matter what rate/strength it was on).   On a scale of 1 to 10 I would have to rate this product a 2 at best.

Review Quality: Helpful  (6 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

26 Apr 2005 - Mike of Maryland, USA writes:

i just got my abtronic a few weeks ago.  I wish i could give a better review but to be honest I dont know how to get it to work becasue it didnt come with instructions.  If someone could kindly help me figure out how to use the settings it would be greatly appreciated

Review Quality: Helpful  (10 votes) | Unhelpful  (4 votes)

17 Mar 2005 - Tina of Pennsylvania, USA writes:

I have used the Abtronic for about 4 weeks.  I have lost an inch around my waist in that time, and am definately starting to see some definition in my abs.  My silver lining has not started to peel or crack, but I store it straight, not folded.  I have gotten burnt several times by the belt as others have stated.   I use 100% aloe vera gel and plenty of it on the belt.  I didn't even know the belt was burning me till I have taken the belt off, so pleae don't think the comfort level is so bad and that the burns are bad as it is not. My only real complaint with the belt is that is came with a weight planner, but no actual instructions on using the belt.   There are 6 different pulses the belt gives off and 10 intensities.  I had no clue which pulse and level to start with so I just went with comfort.  Now I have found the pulse that seems to give the best results for me and I turn the intensity all the way up.  But it took about a week to find that, which would have been easier if a set of instructions would have been included.

Review Quality: Helpful  (3 votes) | Unhelpful  (11 votes)

10 Mar 2005 - Shelby of Indiana, USA writes:

I just got my abtronic a week ago and I am already addicted. I would recommend it to my friends. WHat i really wanted to say was that I bought my abtronic through []. I have a 30 day money back garantee, I only paid 15 (thats including the shipping) and I received it within 5 days. So, for all of you who really like it and need to replace it, instead of buying it through the TV people, try [] next time!!

Review Quality: Helpful  (4 votes) | Unhelpful  (12 votes)

17 Feb 2005 - Richard of Lancashire, England writes:

I have read several people say that the silver lining comes off the back. I must admit, mine did crack a little bit but then I realised I was usuing a normal moisturiser, rather than a water based one. As soon as I started to use the water based cream, the cracking stopped. I have had my abtronic now for four years, and still use it on a daily bases. The batteries I buy seem to last around 4 weeks at a cost of #1 per battery.

Review Quality: Helpful  (11 votes) | Unhelpful  (3 votes)

1 Feb 2005 - Shannon of Delaware, USA writes:

I have used the abtronic for about two weeks now and have felt some results. My muscles feel a little tighter in my stomach and I can feel them contracting when using the device. However I do agree with alot of the reviews when they say its a cheaply made product. my silver backing is also starting to peel off and I have been burned twice by the device. You have to put on a ton of gel not to be burned. I give this product a 6 out of 10. Its okay for muscle toning but you still need to excersice to see great results.

Review Quality: Helpful  (9 votes) | Unhelpful  (4 votes)

20 Dec 2004 - Wendy of Oregon, USA writes:

I bought my first one for $110 in 2001, and I still have it, still use it although I have bought replacement belts and batteries. The problem with the pads seems to have something to do with the amount of gel being used. I don't seem to have this problem, the case was cheap and flimsy and I threw it out almost immediately. As for the usefulness of the product itself, it's only good for toning and not for weight loss (I know this is a 'duh' thing for most people, but there are a few that need to know). It's also awesome for cramps and muscle pain on the lower settings. I've put the pad on so that it's on my back and turned it on low, and changed the setting to a less enduring 'routine'-- 2 or three cycles will relax my back enough that I can actually sit in a chair and feel human, 3-4 cycles and I can play with my kids all day long. I can't do regular situps and crunches so the abtronic helps me tone what would otherwise be a very neglected area.

Review Quality: Helpful  (1 votes) | Unhelpful  (15 votes)

27 May 2004 - Nicole of Michigan, USA writes:

I have used the abtronic for a couple of days. When I first bought it I was a little scared at the fact that some machine would send shock waves through my muscles.  when I first used it, it was o.k. then my sister used it then she started screaming!  She immediately took it off. She said it was burning her.   Of course I was scared.  I was then depressed because I spent over 150 dollars for this product and was to scared to use it.  I finally got the courage to use it again.  It didn't burn me.  But after a couple uses, the silver lining started to wear out, then I started to feel some slight burns. However, I continued to use it.   Then after about 13 or so workouts the batteries died. The new ones still didn't work.  I was very disappointed.  I must say though that I could feel my stomach immediately firming up.  I believe if the manufacturers would create "good" ones that worked, this would have been a really good product.  But unfortunately some will get one that works and others will get one that malfunctions.

Review Quality: Helpful  (6 votes) | Unhelpful  (11 votes)

23 May 2004 - Jenny of California, USA writes:

The AbTronic works well for about two weeks.   Thereafter, the foil-like material that conducts the electricity starts to get worn down: it cracks and eventually breaks off.  If you should continue using it, even after it starts to crack a little bit, you will learn that the damaged inner lining affects the way the electricity moves.  I have burn marks from this machine, not only by getting scratched by the cracked inner lining (foil's sharp edges), but also due to uneven conductivity of the device: I have scarring from getting burned.  I do not advise anyone to waste money on this machine.

Review Quality: Helpful  (16 votes) | Unhelpful  (4 votes)

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