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If you Do it everyday abd Do it right, it WORKS!

2 Oct 2011 - Marlee of Ne, USA writes:

This works and the only trick is that you Must do it everyday and you Must do it correctly. Study the video very you notice the suction in her neck area? This is very important to acheive. Oh,the compliments I have recieved because of the toning workout this gives you, such a long lean look. The ones that say it does not work are simply not breathing correctly people...the oxygen rush continues all day long...I squeeze the steering wheel in the car with my hands and squeeze my tummy and rear and count...what a workout in the car. A day without BodyFlex ...well it just is not the same energy level at all. LOVE IT!

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Some variations might be needed

12 Jan 2009 - Marie of Vancouver, BC, Canada writes:

I've had this video tape for years, the original, not with the bar (heard some bad things about the bar anyway!). I haven't used it regularly, just use it for a couple weeks and then give up, like someone else posted. One thing I noticed is that it started to get painful for me after doing it every day for a few days. It was hard on my internal organs as well as my throat. Also, you're supposed to do this on an empty stomach. I recently ordered DVDs from the woman who taught Greer this method. She has discovered that the workout CAN be done with food in the stomach. (not after a big, huge meal, but if you need a bit of breakfast in your tummy and wait 30 minutes you should be just fine. This also helps if you want to do it twice a day, maybe a couple hours after dinner). The other DVD I ordered is much more gentle. It's the same technique but the breaths are not quite as severe. So if you're finding it at all painful, just go a little easier. You still want to clear all the air from your lungs and breathe deeply, but just not so harshly. I've decided to start this up again due to an injury preventing me from regular gym workouts. I'll post my results in a few weeks:)

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Really! It works!

28 Sep 2008 - Victoria of CA, USA writes:

OK, I bought it because I sensed I could trust her. When I got it, I popped in the video and the first exercise she has us do made me feel like a fool! It was a "hold your breath fish face thing". I felt like I had fallen for a scam. But I continued and finished the routine. It felt OK and I could feel my stomach tighten. So I continued the exercises for two weeks, mostly every day. I measured myself 14 days after I had begun and it took me a few minutes to realize that I really had lost 7 inches overall. No lie. I was shocked. How could something so simple have such dramatic results! That is a pant size!! I went on to continue the program because the whole routine takes less than 20 minutes. I then joined a gym, learned pilates, started working with free weights and went from there. We all know that fitness is a process. But ladies, and men, this is an excellent way to begin and a good "secret" for tightening our bodies.

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Only Thing That's ever worked for me

16 Jul 2008 - hopeful of CA, USA writes:

I've owned this product for years and absolutely love it. It's the only exercise program that I've been able to stick with and the only one that I've lost weight and inches with. The only challenge I have with it is that it's hard to do with people/family around because of the faces that you make. I've just ordered the [] because it's only 7 minutes!!

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Try it, you'll like it!

9 May 2008 - Janet of MI, USA writes:

I have used this product faithfully for about 10 years. Anyone who says it does not work, didn't do it right, or didn't do it enough. This is a total workout that really works. I definately saw inches melt away, but the most beneficial aspect of the program to me, is the muscle tone. Over the years, I have increased the reps and truly feel that I am as strong and fit as I can be given my age and the effort I am willing to expend. Really, try this product and give it an honest chance. I don't think you will be dissapointed.

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13 Feb 2008 - Ronna of Ontario, Canada writes:

This is a wonderful product. Not only does it help keep you in shape it helps you to relax. I used this product years ago and then got too busy with work and home and socializing. Now I am retired and have just started the program again. I would like to see the results before I would share with the news.

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I guess it could work

4 Jan 2008 - Rebecca of Alberta, Canada writes:

I bought the original Bodyflex when I was 18 (I'm 24 now). I tried it but I never really committed..I'd do it for 7 days and then I wouldn't do it for a long time. I don't remember ever actually seeing any results though. I'm sure it works or why else would so many people say it does..unless their inch loss is simply because of the increased water intake...If you don't drink enough water normally and then you start drinking proper amounts you will notice inch/weight loss just from that. I need to get back in shape...and I don't have a lot of space so this exercise is really my only option unless I want to travel to the gym. IO'm going to give it another shot.

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Tried older bodyflex VHS, WOW

3 Dec 2007 - Jeannie of Delaware, USA writes:

Hi, I posted a note on the newer bodyflex awhile back. Well I ordered the VHS tapes from [] a year ago. They set on the shelf till last month. I am talking about her FIRST bodyflex VHS. I got results faster from the VHS then from the Gymbar. Better yet my weight is staying stable for the first time in YEARS. I am overweight but I would jump from 220 to 240 all the time. I am now steady between 220 to 223. My sugars are also getting better. I am so excited as Sunday before church I pulled out a pair of pants that I could not wear for over 2 year a size 18 they are now LOOSE on me despite no real weight loss just inches lost my but is even smaller yea. I know Bodyflex has gotten bad press but it really DOES work. It DOES look silly but I dont care it is short and works. Good luck.

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Try it-it really does work!!

21 Sep 2007 - Tatiana of British Columbia, Canada writes:

I tried this product recently on the advice of a friend who urged me to try it. Though initially i was very skeptical about the product doubting it, I have to say that it has surpassed my expectations. I've gone down 1 dress size, lost about 10 inches in total, 4 inches off waist and still losing. Though i've only lost 5 lbs according to the scale, I've actually lost much more since 1 inch is equivalent to 2.2 lbs. For the past 5 yrs I've also had a slow metabolism losing weight at the pace of a slug, so I can attest to the fact that it really does work providing you do the correct breathing & really suck in your tummy as tight as possible when doing your exercises. I think that those people who didn't achieve any results likely didn't do it correctly or give it a chance for a longer period of time.

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It's not about weight loss

14 Aug 2007 - Elena of Florida, USA writes:

I started practicing BodyFlex 5 years ago. Soon I stopped getting sick. I have not got a cold since 2002. Eventually I got lazy and cut down exercise time. Now I do it for about 3-4 minutes every morning. It's normal for me to do with 5-6 hours of daily sleep and still feel good. It was unreal how good I felt during my second pregnancy. I continued doing the exercises and never felt fatigued. I was scaring people running down the stairs in my ninth month. I wanted to have natural birth the first time but it did not work. The second time all I did in labor was BodyFlex breathing. Zero medication but the pain was so tolerable.

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It works, as silly as it looks it works!

22 Jun 2007 - Sulema of Arizona, USA writes:

I bought the original vhs tape several years ago just out of curiosity because I wanted to see for myself if it worked. I laughed at first and took a couple of tries to actually get serious about it. But to my surprise I went from a size 18 to a size 12 in less than three months. Honestly I was shocked. But it's actually not as easy as it looks. If you breathe correctly then you will definitely see results. Well I got lazy of course and went back to a size 18 but am using it again and planning on sticking it to it! Just like any excersice you have to continue doing it! IT REALLY REALLY WORKS!

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It Certainly Does Work

5 Jun 2007 - Marie of Illinois, USA writes:

I tried It when It first came out. I had my hubby measure me & In the first week I lost 1/2 Inch.I ate what I wanted & didn't diet. Yes, It looks weird but so does Yoga & other exercises done at a gymn. But since I'm at home doing It by myself, who cares how it looks? What matters Is that It works. One must try It first In order to give a fair critique.

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got the t-shirt

31 May 2007 - Mary of Texas, USA writes:

I tried Greer's workout in 2003 after my second child and lost several inches. unfortunatley I got pregnant again and had to quit. I haven't tried her new stuff yet but her old dvd works really well. I have started it again now that my fourth child is old eneough to know not to grab my band which I use instead of the bar. It doesn't so mush strain in mt shoulders.

Review Quality: Helpful  (12 votes) | Unhelpful  (6 votes)

the original works!!

1 May 2007 - Sarah of Pennsylvania, USA writes:

I lost 40 pounds in 6 months using the original bodyflex tape. I used it once per day and wathched what i ate. I also purchased the next one with the body bar but i did not find it as effective. Yes it looks silly but honestly who cares as long as it works. I can only speak for me and the orginal works!!

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Couldn't get through it...

25 Apr 2007 - Jean of Utah, USA writes:

I tried this system at the recommendation of a friend a few years ago. Plain and simply...I couldn't make it through it, at least to take it seriously. It's more than a little weird. It may work, who knows. If you can watch the whole thing without feeling like a total freak and/or laughing out loud, good luck. I'll stick with yoga.

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It works!!!

3 Apr 2007 - Anonymous of Colorado, USA writes:

I first had the vhs back in 1999. It was 1 year after my 2nd child. I did not diet and I followed the instructions. By week 2 I had lost inches. After a month a 2 small skirt was 2 big. After that I continued to lose inches and went from approximately a size 12 to a size 6. Everyone I knew kept commenting on how small I was getting. I stopped doing it with my 3rd pregnancy. Of course I have the original routine memorized. I never did work the routine back into my life, like I had in 99. This is something that I know for a fact worked for me without dieting. I have again made body flex a priority twice a day. I know it will work. With body flex I feel this good heat sensation throughout my body that almost feels like I'm burning fat or my metabolism is speeding up. I feel like I have a lot more energy too.

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Yes -- it does work

22 Feb 2007 - Wanda of California, USA writes:

I bought BodyFlex two years ago, but never used it. After I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, the doctor told me to lose weight. I needed lots of exercise, low-carb diet, and more sleep. I went with BodyFlex as my exercise of choice. In one year, I have lost 40 pounds, and have gone from a size 16 to a size 4 or 6. BodyFlex was a big part. Deep breathing DOES work physiologically when reducing. I'm not talking miracles. I'm talking hard work. BodyFlex was ONE of the many variables I used to feel and LOOK better -- not to mention much improved blood glucose numbers. There's no free lunch, and frankly BodyFlex doesn't promise a "free lunch". If you don't want to break a sweat -- fine, stay fat. But if you want to make changes for the better, then change your lifestyle, your bad habits, and start using BodyFlex. Hopefully you'll get the same results I did.

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It truly, truly works!

13 Feb 2007 - Deborah of Colorado, USA writes:

I purchased the first Bodyflex VHS. I didn't do the program with a diet, but I saw results! I didn't measure the loss with a measuring tape, I went by my clothing. I started out about a 16 and in 4 months, I was a size 12. It was great! I did the program in the a.m. and p.m. before bed. Doing the program in p.m. helped with the morning stiffness. Hey, when the low carb craze hit, I went low carb with Body Flex and the results were even better. The results last for awhile, but like everything else...use it or lose it. I'm not sure about the her new program on DVD, but I'm back at a size 16 and I plan on using the tape ASAP.

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Um, a got a good laugh

10 Feb 2007 - Andrea of Montana, USA writes:

Wow, I couldn't stop laughing. The lady looks like a loon, I am sorry. I showed it to friends just for a laugh. The body bar was hard to put together and not very effective compared to bands, etc. Poorly made and did nothing for me. The meal plans were pretty good, and I like some of the recipes Overall, I think it's a joke, and there are better programs out there!

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back in the saddle again

5 Feb 2007 - Louisa of California, USA writes:

I started using this product when it first came out years ago and it definitely works. I went from a stomach hanging out to an hour glass figure in about a month only doing the exercises. All my co-workers at the time were shocked. One firend tried it but didn't want to continue the exercises every day. Over the years I have used it to help get me back in shape quickly and to de-stress me before a community theatre show performance. While I haven't used it in years, I just started up again this morning. I know it will work. I only hope I have the perseverance to make it a daily routine. Many many thanks to Greer Childers.

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