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Not getting results

24 Jan 2009 - Ken of Va., USA writes:

If you do not change your routine then your results will flatten out. After a few weeks or so you need to change the order or vary your lifts to fool the muscle inorder to continue to get results. For example: Start at the end of your routine and work backwards or do your chest work with all dumbell (in the case of the bowflex use the handles instead of the bar)lifts. Your muscles adapt the routines over time and eliminate muscles that are not needed in a particular lift so you need to mix it up to keep them in a constant state of confusion. Bowflex, as with other machines of it's type, offer some advantage in that the increase of resistance through the lift does not allow the body to develope a leverage advantage during the lift. If used properly you can get as strong as you like.

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Bad quality material + service

26 Jul 2008 - Wolfgang Lange of Christ Church, Barbados writes:

Unfortunately we had to make a very bad and unpleasant experience dealing with the Bowflex's service department. Our machine which is stored in a dry area and perfectly taken care of, started rosting after just a few weeks and the hooks were completely rosted after 3 months. After 6 months we had to treat the underneath of the bench, the bottom of the main frame was totally rosted and so was the metal of the outeside of the wheels. On July 25 , 2006, we contacted Nautilus customer service by e-mail and reported the condition and our complaints. We were then asked to mail them photos which we directly did on July 26. We then did not hear anything from them until August 11th when we reminded them and kindly asked for a response. We then called many times and also e-mailed repeatedly and all we got is comments about confusion concerning e-mail addresses and responsibilities of the one or the other person. A person called [] was the person to talk to to begin with, it then changed to Misty. After they could not get rid of me after 25 e-mails I finally got a mail on September saying: You are absolutely right about the length of time that you've had to wait for an update and I greatly appreciate your patience. My supervisor and I have reviewed the e-mails along with the pictures. We have determined that rust is a natural occurrence when moisture is present. I have included the portion of the manual where this is noted below. This means that the rust problem isn't going to be covered under warranty as stated in the manual. It hasn't been determined to be a defect of the equipment and seems to have been in this condition for some time. I do apologize for the undesirable information and am available if you would like to purchase these parts. Please, let me know if you have any further questions and have a wonderful day. [] Customer Service Representative Nautilus, Inc. My comment: I replaced their hooks with others from a local hardware store and they are still in a like new condition today, July 26, 2008. The rost which they determined as a normal occurrence doesn't speak for the quality of the material used for the Bowflex machines. Anybody who would see the pictures would agree that this is not a normal rosting process. My machine was/is as far as the material is concerned an inferior product. The customer care given to me by Nautilus is ignorant and lacking any professional manner. To say it clearly, they did not care and just wanted to get rid of me. I hope that people with a responsible attitude at Nautilus will read this comment as I believe and know that the attitude shown by the people I dealt with is costing Nautilus the sale of many machines and therefor a lot more money than replacing a few hooks and wheels to a disappointed customer free of charge. Sorry to say, but I have the feeling they, Chrissy Castro and L J Duenas | CS Supervisor Nautilus Inc | World Headquarters | Vancouver, WA 800-605-3369 just did not care at all. I gladly make the correspondence and pictures available to anybody who is interested. Wolfgang Lange

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Bowflex really works

10 Jul 2008 - Cletus of VA, USA writes:

The bowflex really works. One day my wife looked at me and said You're fat. Handle it. I stepped on the scale and weighed 270 pounds! I now weigh 220. It took 4 months to lose 50 pounds. I hunted down a used bowflex in the classifieds, turned to page 1 of the instruction manual and did what it said to do. Real iron weights are better but the bowflex is extremely convenient. I'm finished with my workout in the same time it takes to drive to and from the gym. I don't have to wait for the piece of equipment I want to use and can use it anytime of the day or night. The secret seems to be aerobic weight lifting. You're not going for maximum weight so much as you're going for short (or no) rest between exercises. I do 3 sets of 9 exercises in about 30 minutes(when I started it took me almost 45 minutes). And let me tell you it does the trick. DO NOT buy into the hype that you can lose 1,000 pounds in 6 weeks. It ain't going to happen. But if you have reasonable expectations (10 lbs a month) and faithfully stick with it you will not be disappointed. And yes... I still eat pizza and chocolate. But instead of a whole pie I eat 2 pieces or instead of a whole chocolate bar I'll eat a quarter of it. So another key aspect is that you don't want to diet. You'll fail. Eat what you like just don't gorge on it. Drink lots of water and cut back on what you eat. Keep a food diary so you don't have to guess what you're eating. It works. Really. I don't get a dime for saying this.

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Dusted it off and it still works great

26 May 2008 - Dennis of CA, United States writes:

I bought my Bowflex Power Pro almost 10 years ago. I really enjoyed it then but when I got married it went into storage. 3 kids and 9 years later I am now 70 pounds heavier. I brought it out of storage and I gave them a call to get the recall parts. I am just entering the 6th week of the leanness program and I have lost about 20 pounds. (The key is to actually follow the dietary instructions). I really feel good and I am going to keep on the leanness program till I have lost the 70 pounds. Then I will switch the program to add more muscle. Knocks against it - There are a couple exercises in the leanness program that I am either doing them incorrectly or the range of motion just does not feel like it used to at the gym. Because of this after I am done with the 6 weeks I will be substituting those exercises for others in the manual. I also must comment that I bought an imitation Purvis chest attachment near the end of the 6 weeks. This made everything even better. It was mainly designed to improve the bench press (widens the pulleys to simulate the distance in a real bench press) and it really does. However, even in the inside position the chest attachment makes all exercises tougher. I ended up dropping at least 10 pounds of resistance for every exercise. I can't speak for the avid athlete but for a busy father of three who is barely able to squeeze in 20-30 minutes, three times a week the Bowflex and the leanness program are life changers.

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not taking care of there custmers

28 Apr 2008 - pamela of texas, united states writes:

I love my bowflex and really rely on the manual that shows you how to do the excercises. My manual was damaged in water and i called to have it replaced and they told me it would cost 20.00. I was not happy being I spent over 3000.00 for the machine. I have actually spent 6000.00 dollars worth of bowflex items, I will never order from them again...They should appreciate there good customers....your loss

Review Quality: Helpful  (21 votes) | Unhelpful  (24 votes)

Bowflex ? not for me.

11 Apr 2008 - Dave of ca, usa writes:

I finally bought the bowflex that I always wanted,I bought it used and it was the model I wanted(Power pro). I really gave it a go. I tried it exclusively for months,and did not lift free weights or workout on anything else. I could not get used to the feel of the rods, to be fair, pushing exercises where ok, benching and shoulder presses and tricep presses. Pulling exercises felt awful, bicep curls and back rows I could never get used to. Forget legs, the presses felt funny as well and not much resistance. I get so much better a workout on my old Soloflex ,it takes a little longer to set up, but I like the dips and pull ups and I like the feel of the bar instead of the handles on the Bowflex. The quality is not near up to par with the Soloflex as well. I really wanted to like this machine, also the rods loose their resistance when the weather gets warmer. I would never buy it new,too overpriced. My opinion is if you have no problems with joints or bursitis some Powerblock dumbells and a bench and be way ahead money wise or buy a good Soloflex and use dumbells as I do. I have seen the newer machines and still dont think the quality is worth the money. My honest opinion. Dave

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Worked wonders for me!

28 Feb 2008 - angie of Michigan, USA writes:

I purchased my bowflex around Christmas of the time I was 5'4 and somewhere close to 200 lbs...with a change in diet and working out diligently on my bowflex n the comfort of my home I managed to get my weight down to 112 lbs and it's where I plan to stay!....I left my husband because he wouldn't join in and workout with me and now I'm sleeping with guys half my age!!! Thanks Bowflex!

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Bowflex pluses and negatives

21 Feb 2008 - Zach of Alberta, Canada writes:

A valuable tool, it does not require heavy weights. The resistance is progressive, good for the shoulders/lats which can be hard to develop with free weights. The peak contraction on squats and all exercises is fabulous.The only problem I find is that the poundage needed to do most major exercises is the 310 lbs available. Hopefully they offer a 600-700 lb model someday.

Review Quality: Helpful  (13 votes) | Unhelpful  (11 votes)

Bowflex XTLU - new user

5 Feb 2008 - Mark of Maine, USA writes:

I bought a Bowflex XTLU from in January 2008. Many people say the price is too high but I guess it depends what you pay. I paid just under $800 -- free shipping -- and got it in less than 6 days. I've been using it for 3 weeks. So far, I like it. I am 170 pounds and I can now bench press the full weight (210 lbs) over 8 times. So this is the first consideration because I'll definitely need to pay another 100 bucks to get the 310 upgrade. I do want to bulk up and I've read dozens of criticisms that Bowflex is horrible compared to free weights. However, I have gotten the burn feeling and woken up with very sore muscles. I suppose I could spend less time with free weights and get better results faster but I like the safety and convenience. I suppose most Bowflex users only use a Bowflex. If I find I'm not getting the resistance I need I might buy a few dumbbells. There's no reason to only use a Bowflex. You can't do cardio on a Bowflex. I personally plan to incorporate some cardio either by doing some Tae Bo or jogging or hitting a heavy bag. I think this machine is a very bad choice if your a big guy over 200 lbs and you are seriously gunning to pack on muscle. But for the price I paid -- all the free weights I would need would get close to the same price. But more importantly, I like the safety factor of Bowflex. I like the variety of exercises I can do. I think price is a big issue but I see on this site that some people paid well over $1000 for various Bowflex machines. I would never pay that amount. But get a good deal and use proper form and most people will see excellent results. Everyone will plateau eventually -- even free weight users unless they seriously watch their diet and make sure to take protein supplements. I do think the infomercials with the super-ripped models are deceptive but after just a few weeks -- I'm on my way.

Review Quality: Helpful  (16 votes) | Unhelpful  (12 votes)

Not What it's Cracked Up to Be

6 Dec 2007 - Thomas of Illinois, USA writes:

I bought the bowflex system about 5 years ago. It's actually a pretty good sytem. I used it on a fairly regular basis...until there was a recall on the model I purchased. The recall was due to the bench actually breaking and causing possible neck injury. The company sent me a repair kit. It was missing a crucial part...and they were kind enough to send me the part, along with an entire new repair kit. However, the repair kit takes way, way, way longer to assemble than the actual machine, with rediculous instructions that it just isn't worth the money I shelled out. Bottom line: I spent nearly $1,200 for a poorly engineered product. The company should have taken the product back. My advice: Buy a weight bench, some barbells and dumbells, a jummp rope, and eat right. It's cheaper, you'll feel better that you someone didn't get into your wallet, and you don't have to spend hours deciphering some overeducated engineer's b.s.

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Has + and -

5 Oct 2007 - Michael of Virginia, USA writes:

I have had my Bowflex for 4 years now and love it BUT that is because it does what I want it to do. It plays a part in helping me stay looking toned and lean. Personally I will not recommend it if you are looking to really bulk up on strength and muscle as I have not experienced (or used) my Bowflex for that purpose. It is definitely good for circuit style toning sessions. Something that is almost impossible at the gym given the fact you have to share space and equipment with others. One of negatives I think for this machine is I absolutely hate the "bench press" and find it practially useless. Some of the the other chest exercises work pretty well though and I supplement with the good ole push up (using push up bars). Overall it is a decent machine but not for everyone.

Review Quality: Helpful  (22 votes) | Unhelpful  (17 votes)

Good for beginners

23 Sep 2007 - Jon of Wisconsin, USA writes:

I purchased the BowFlex system 2 yrs ago. This included the extra power rod pack. After the first year I saw good results, but during the second year, the results leveled off. I have now moved on to free weights and seen results again. Good beginners.

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Results in Six Weeks

2 Sep 2007 - Clay of Illinois, USA writes:

Amazing! I tried so many products, and even Army boot camp didn't produce results. I had always had problems developing and maintaining muscles in my upper body. In six weeks, I have see more progress than any other of the products I tried. The problem I have is not wanting to overuse it. I purchased the book The Bowflex Body Plan. The book stresses what the commercial preaches - 20 minutes, three times a week. If you stick to the plan, you are going to see results. My muscles burn during the workout. You feel like you should be doing more after the 20 minutes are up. It's hard to have such and expensive machine to look at and get no more use out of it than that, especially when you really enjoy what it is doing for you and working out on it. I am sold on Bowflex. It was worth the investment.

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My husband loves it.

21 Apr 2007 - Bri of Illinois, USA writes:

I purchased the bowflex for my husband for Christmas in 2005 and at first he used it religously and both of us noticed a difference in his body. He was 6'5" and only 180lbs and very skinny. His arms did get bigger (but not like the body builders in the commerical) and so did his pecks. He also trimmed off a little fat from his mid section and his abs became much more defined. He seemed to like it a lot - either that or he liked the time away from me and our 2 children. Anyway, as time has gone by, the results weren't as noticiable as they were in the beginning and it's hard to keep going when you don't see results. I think that maybe we need to get more weight to add on to it in order for him to bulk up even more.

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NO dust or clothes hanging on it

18 Apr 2007 - Kristin of Massachusetts, USA writes:

I've been a Bowflex Powerpro owner since 1999 and I'm just as addicted to my machine as the day I tried it at a friend's house. The versatility is amazing and I can't tell you how many people have asked to buy it from me. Bowflex has been trying to get me to trade it in for the full price I paid toward an Xtreme, but I don't see a reason. If it ain't broke, don't fix it and my Bowflex is the best investment I've ever made.

Review Quality: Helpful  (19 votes) | Unhelpful  (64 votes)

What is Resistance Training Actually For?

25 Aug 2006 - Lazur of Illinois, USA writes:

The purpose of resistance training is to build muscle. There is no such thing as toning and shaping, which are terms that originated in advertising, not training. Losing weight is, in the end, still 'calories in/calories out', and always more dependant on diet than exercise. Bowflex doesn't build muscle, because the only way to get a proper full-range rep on a Bowflex is to set the resistance, (which increases through a rep), too light. That's what makes it feel so 'smooth'. If you enjoy a little bit of resistance on aerobics, calisthenics, or stretching, fine, but that's all it is.

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Bowflex is da bomb

21 Aug 2006 - Lynn of Missouri, USA writes:

To those who say this machine is for oldies who don't want to bulk up, I DARE YOU TO USE THE BOWFLEX. You can order extra rods. We did. If you can't bulk up with 400 pounds, you're not human. Hubby's been working out 4 to 5 days a week for YEARS. Add me and both sons, and figure out how durable it is. It's a phenomenal piece of safe, smooth-moving equipment, small enough for my frame and plenty big enough for da man. The old Power Pro is still in 100% great shape after all these years! And with the twist of a pin, you can do aerobic rowing. People who think free weights are for bulk and machines are for toning, are showing how little they know about their body. Either one works for both! You have to know what you're doing. Four thumbs up for Bowflex, 2 from the bulky dude and 2 from little old me.

Review Quality: Helpful  (40 votes) | Unhelpful  (66 votes)

I like it better than free weights

23 Jul 2006 - Anonymous of New York, USA writes:

I'm a long-time bodybuilder. Here are my experiences with the Bowflex Ultimate: -As good as free weights for size, toning, etc. Your muscles can't tell the difference and will grow or tone if you work out hard. I'm constantly amused by those who claim over and over that it's only for toning or "almost as good as free weights" but never explain their reasoning. It's as good as free weights in any application from my experience, with a different feel that I prefer both because it gives a better burn (resistance feels like stretching a rubber band) and is easier on the joints. -Generally more convenient/effective re: weight-based machines-I have both right now, in order to compare them. They're close enough that i'm going to sell the weight-based machine because it's heavier, takes up more space, isn't as easily moved & doesn't offer as many exercise options.

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15 Mar 2006 - Sharif of Ontario, Canada writes:

I recently bought the bowflex ultimate 2, I must say at first it seemed very awkward using it and seemed a cheap way to build a home gym and i was ready to send it back for a refund , but after using it for a week, wow I love it now. On some excercises it is much better then free wieghts, you will know what i mean when you try it, despite the price its well worth it and i would recommend this to anyone, but I advice that you be patient at first until you are used to it. And oh yeah save the boxes and the bags if you decide to send it back lol.As they want it in its orginal packaging.

Review Quality: Helpful  (41 votes) | Unhelpful  (30 votes)

9 Jan 2006 - Anonymous of San Juan, Puerto Rico writes:

The delivery of the Bowflex to Puerto Rico was excellent. All parts were well packed inside their boxes. This equipment weights in at 400 plus pounds. Payment methods are excellent and very convenient. Bowflex is what is says it does. It burns fat and tones your muscles. I've use it for about a month now and my family aggress with me. It isn't to bulk up big time. It just burns fat and tones the muscles. I guess I would recommend this produce for people who are in their 40ies. Who don't have time to be in a gym. Because of their life style, they need to exercise, but don't have the time. Since Im starting, I use my BF every other day. I feel my muscles are getting toned and I'm getting stronger. This equipment needs some minor accessories. Like where to hang the Leg, Curls, and Squat accessories that are left around the floor. A wall bracket, to hang the accessories that are not in use would solve this problem. Also, the main rod hook doesnt have a place to put it or hang it while you are changing rods. You just have to let it drop to the ground. I guess if they install a metal hook on the tower side would be better then dropping the hook on the floor. Also, the Standing/Squat platform should be larger. The Lat Bar should be able to be used to do body lifts. In a scale from one to five, I would give it a four.

Review Quality: Helpful  (33 votes) | Unhelpful  (21 votes)

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