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Gazelle Freestyle Elite

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Great for Low Impact Workout

14 Jan 2009 - Cresta of MN, USA writes:

I got the Gazelle when I moved into my boyfriend's house and he didn't have room for my tread mill and heavy duty elliptical machine. At first I was disappointed with how easy it felt compared to the equipment I was used to. I put it away and forgot about it for a while. When I became pregnant I wanted to continue to exercise safely, and my doctor said that walking was the best way to stay fit. In the cold weather I stayed inside and started working out on my Gazelle every weekday morning before my shower and I love how it makes me feel. I've heard that in some people it causes backaches, but when I wake up with a backache and get on the Gazelle, I feel like I get a good stretch and feel revitalized and awake. The only problem I have had is that my feet slip and I have to stop to readjust my foot placement. For me, this is the perfect machine to stay fit during my pregnancy and I'm looking forward to using it to shed those post-baby pounds.

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Didn't break a sweat

5 Jan 2009 - Sarah of CA, USA writes:

While this product may have worked for some people, it didn't really work for me. I was looking for a cheaper alternative to more expensive work out equipment hoping this would do the trick but I didn't even break a sweat with it. Its much too easy. Its a great product if you are wanting low impact exercise but I like a challenge and this didn't provide that for me.

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It was okay but hurt my hips -- had to sell it

30 Dec 2008 - Marie of British Columbia, Canada writes:

It was a little difficult to put together, but I did it myself so if you had 2 people it would be much easier. The model I bought had the option of no resistance or hooking up the resistance tubes. Without the resistance it was TOO easy. Like walking on air... which was fun for a minute but really didn't give ANY workout (and I'm not exactly in great shape). With the resistance I was able to get a half decent workout if I pushed myself. The problem is that if I used it for more than about 10 or 15 minutes I would get pretty bad pain in my hips. It would take a few days for the pain to go away and then I'd use the Gazelle again and the pain would come back. It was something to do with the motion of the machine, on my body. I didn't mind the workout but it would be much better if there were more resistance options. I ended up selling it. I was disappointed because it was a decently constructed piece of equipment, but if I injure myself every time I use it, then it's not worth it. Oh... and it's foldable but I wouldn't recommend it if you need to frequently move it from room to room. If you have the space to keep it open most of the time then you might want to try it. But setting it up and moving it around every day was a bit of a pain. I'd give it a 2 out of 5 stars.

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Great for fitness beginners

9 May 2008 - Simon of Newcastle Upon Tyne, United kindom writes:

I am an amature rugby player. I purchased this product during an injury plagued season in order to get me through my knee problem. I found that It was a great work out and I was seeing improvements in my fitness. However, once I had got myself back up to a stage of "Average fitness" I realised that I was no longer improving. Good thing was by that time I had recovered from my injury and was in a great position to go back to the gym. In short, The Gazelle is great for those who are really out of shape and who are looking for a good workout to get them up to and average or standard fitness level. If you wish to be above avarage fitness, there is no substitute for hard running and free weights.

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Like but cant use

21 Apr 2008 - Angie of Virginia, USA writes:

I have had the Gazelle for about 3 years now. I have used it repeatedly, with a very regular ruitine. I would use it everyday for an hour. But no matter how I used it, whether fast/hard or slower/easy, my back would hurt. After I would quit using the GAzelle for a while, the pain would lessen. But would repeat again once I started back with the exercizing. I do like it, just cant seem to use it.

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Love my Gazelle

10 Mar 2008 - Pam of Kentucky, USA writes:

I am an avid hiker/walker. I was looking for an exercise machine that would allow me to get a quality workout during the winter months and on day's when weather would not allow me to hike/walk. I have had my Gazelle for 2 years now and I love it. It allows me enough of a workout to maintain through the winter months and not to lose ground. I would recommend the Gazelle.

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Love it!

18 Feb 2008 - Katie of Missouri, USA writes:

The Gazelle has finally motivated me to stick to an exercise program & I love it! I have resisted exercise for the last 25 years. The first 25 I didn't need it. I was very thin & I thought fit. Now, at 56, I have high blood pressure & high cholesterol. To say I need to lose 25 pounds would be an understatement. Because the price was reasonable I decided to buy the Gazelle. Boy do I hate to admit everyone is right about exercise. Once you get into it you can't live without it. Over the last 6 weeks I have slowly increased the time I spend on it. What I like the best is the fact that I can control the pace & the focus. Each day I can do the advanced (lean forward/lean back) workout a little longer. My waist has always been thick, even when I was pencil thin. You can't imagine how excited I was yesterday when I realized I've lost 2" in my waist! Overall I am extremely pleased with the investment. If I were to "wear it out" at this price I would go immediately & buy another. I've never hung any clothes on it as I have with other pieces of equipment. It's quiet, fun & easy. My only complaint would be that my feet do shift forward as I glide. Over time I have learned how to slow my pace and move my feet back to a comfortable position. I can't wait to measure myself again in another 6 weeks & see where I am! My "wings" & my thighs are already firmer. I can't imagine where I will be come swimsuit season!

Review Quality: Helpful  (9 votes) | Unhelpful  (2 votes)

Loving it

26 Nov 2007 - Donna of New York, USA writes:

I have used the Gazelle for the past 3 years. When everyone asks why I am so tiny and look at the junk I eat...I say The Gazelle an hour a day! I amm 44 5'2" and 110 lbs. Never had a weight problem but I used to walk all the time. Since I don't anymore I use the Gazelle and here I am!

Review Quality: Helpful  (7 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

Not worth it...

11 Jul 2007 - Jaymie of Oklahoma, USA writes:

purchased this hoping it was a decent alternative to treadmill/eliptical/etc. wanted a piece of exercise equipment I could store and get out with relative ease to use for cardio every few days. What a bust! First of all, it is heavy and extrememly cumbersome to move. The little feet paddle fall down and wack you in the legs as you are wrestling with this machine. Then, once I get it setup, I worked out for a good 30 minutes and could do NOTHING to break a sweat. It was boring, and it hurt my knees. It kept moving across the floor, so every few minutes, i had to move it again so i wouldn't hit the wall with the foot paddles. I am not in the best shape, but not overweight (5'5" 120lbs). I tried it 4 times and hated it every time. I broke more of a sweat trying to "conveniently store" the darn thing then actually using it.

Review Quality: Helpful  (6 votes) | Unhelpful  (15 votes)

Bad for Your Back

4 Jun 2007 - Laura of Rhode Island, USA writes:

I used this product every day for a month or two and got great results (lost weight, toned etc) BUT after weeks of using it I tried to make the workout more intense by going faster with wider leg span (like the video suggests) and ended up in physical therapy for weeks for lower back pain, which I never had previously. I was never able to use the machine again and my back has never been the same. Watch out using this machine. It is known to cause serious back problems. So much so that it really should be sold with a clear warning about it. I would not recommend this to anyone – way too dangerous and I am still ticked that a more clear warning is not provided given how frequently people have had back problems because of it.

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was an ok machine

2 Jun 2007 - Nikki of South Carolina, USA writes:

the machine was ok i brought it from [] while it was on sell. took forever to put togather. it was ok i mean kinda boring and sqeaky didn't get much of a work but if you looking for low impact then by all means it worth the money but for all you cardio junkies like myself it so not for you

Review Quality: Helpful  (6 votes) | Unhelpful  (4 votes)

no burn whatsoever

7 May 2007 - Juri of Texas, USA writes:

i had this thing but sold it because it never worked. i never even broke a sweat it was way too easy i only need to lost like 20 or 25 pounds but i do feel im out of shape considering i never exercise so i thougth this looked like fun but sadly because you feel nothing it just gets really boring after riding for 45 min with no burn.

Review Quality: Helpful  (4 votes) | Unhelpful  (13 votes)

Great and Fun

15 Apr 2007 - Paulene of Ontario, Canada writes:

I love this product! I have been using the Gazelle along with my treadmill 3 times a week! I have noticed more definition in my hips/thighs and stomach. I haven't lost any weight, but I only weigh 130 anyway and really wanted to tone up. I go on the treamill for 40 minutes and then on the Gazelle for 20. Don't try it the other way around as your legs will feel like they weigh 100 pounds when you get on the treadmill. The videos are fun and motivating. Even my kids enjoy watching the videos!!! My machine squeaked a bit at first, but has stopped? I think my husband oiled it? Great purchase...I am very happy with it!

Review Quality: Helpful  (14 votes) | Unhelpful  (3 votes)

Glad I Made This Purchase

12 Feb 2007 - Susan of Kentucky, USA writes:

I found myself extremely out of shape with a weight gain of 50 pounds at age 38 when I bought my Gazelle. With other forms of walking, I will develop shin splints. Not on the Gazelle. It's the one piece of equipment that I will use if I don't feel like doing anything else or haven't exercised in a few weeks. I love using it while I watch TV. Even if I don't work up a sweat, it elevates my heart rate and it's never something I dread doing. Even a 10 minute burst of activity on my Gazelle will jumpstart my metabolism. I use it to keep me motivated. It's fun,non-intimdating, and something you can do no matter what shape you are in. Mechanically, I keep mine tightened and use a spray lubricant when needed, so it stays quiet and smooth. I love my gazelle!

Review Quality: Helpful  (16 votes) | Unhelpful  (4 votes)

I believe it works for me.

22 Jan 2007 - Lauren of Texas, USA writes:

Today is the 5th day that I used my Gazelle freestyle. Although I haven't weighed myself yet, I believe that this is working for me. I began to sweat after about 15-20 minutes on it and it gets my heart rate up to a considerable number. It did make my legs and feet sore, but the more I've used it, the soreness is starting to fade. I plan on using it everyday for an hour. But it's early in my exercise/diet plan, so we'll see. I really believe that this product doesn't work for EVERYONE. But if it does, then you get some good stuff out of it. And I might add some other exercise to my plan, but currently, I like it.

Review Quality: Helpful  (16 votes) | Unhelpful  (13 votes)

The best

27 Dec 2006 - Amy of Tennessee, USA writes:

I lost 40 pounds within a few months with a low fat diet. After I got down to 150 pounds I quit losing weight. I quit using it and it was the worst mistake ever. I gained my weight back because I wasnt enthused about other exercise equipment and just didnt exercise. I can see the reason I quit losing weight was because Id gotten to the point of needing more resistance. Since I was overweight the gazelle got me into the shape I needed to be in to seek a more challenging workout. This is why the athletic people give the gazelle bad reviews, it wont do anything for them. If youre overweight and you hate exercise then parking the gazelle in front of the TV for at least 30min a day is for you. If youre already used to exercise this machine isnt for you. It squeaks, but its the sound of my fat melting as far as Im concerned

Review Quality: Helpful  (19 votes) | Unhelpful  (9 votes)

It Works, But You Get What You Give

20 Dec 2006 - Jennifer of Illinois, USA writes:

I'm not sure why there are so many reviews which state that the Gazelle doesn't provide an adequate workout. I've found that it in fact does do this, and in a low-impact manner--the main thing to remember is that it must be used in a way that actually, well, provides a workout. My current routine is to complete at least 7 miles each morning in 70 minutes; this is done 5-6 days a week. This is accomplished through my maintaining an average speed of 6.3-6.6 mph for 60 minutes (minus the warm-up and cooldown periods). According to my heart rate monitor, I remain in the 70-80% MHR for the entire aforementioned 60 minute period as well. As far as it being an effective weight-loss tool: I've been using it for a bit more than a solid two months now, and at the beginning of the period I had a bodyfat percentage of 20.07. My current bodyfat percentage is 14.78; I'm a 27-year-old female.

Review Quality: Helpful  (18 votes) | Unhelpful  (17 votes)

Waste of time!

20 Oct 2006 - Danielle of Virginia, USA writes:

I have a few things to say, back pain, foot cramps, and hip pain. I didn't ever get my heart rate up with this! Buy a treadmill or an eliptical instead!

Review Quality: Helpful  (7 votes) | Unhelpful  (16 votes)

great for cardio rehab

5 Oct 2006 - Jo of Alberta, Canada writes:

I had a heart attack one year ago and was extremely out of shape. The gazelle has been the only cardio machine that allows me to work out at my assigned heartrate (100-110bpm)without going over. I have noticed some strength development and a lot of toneing in my legs and lower torso. I recomment the Gazelle to jumpstrat cardio fitness.

Review Quality: Helpful  (8 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

What work out?

25 Sep 2006 - Steve of Ohio, USA writes:

I have had this product for about a year. I will say I used it a lot at first then I quit using it. I added the Gazelle to my work out on the weekends when I cannot get to my gym. I don't even get close to the work out I get on any of the machines in my gym. I was on it for over an hour and didn't even break a sweat. You have to look at it this way riding that is better than sitting on your butt not doing anything.Eventhough this machine doesn't burn much at all. The screen display quit working about a month after I had it. Still seems pretty quiet, if I use oil. I find it fun while I watch TV in the basement like I said as long as you are moving you are burning more calories than just sitting still. Don't expect miracles.

Review Quality: Helpful  (11 votes) | Unhelpful  (14 votes)

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