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26 Jan 2009 - Melissa of BC, Canada writes:

I started NutriSystem a couple days ago (my food just arrived) and so far I am totally impressed. At first I was leary of the cost and how all the food was actually going to taste. The cost is a little high, yes, but I needed something I didn't have to obsess over right now. The taste of the food was a pleasant surprise!! I was expecting pure crap but it's really not bad and there are a couple things that I would totally eat even if I wasn't on the program. I figure after my first 5 week order I should have a good idea of what I like and don't like and I'll just order my preferences. There guarantee is great and they totally honour it. If you don't like the food you can send it back for a full refund. I was a little disappointed when my food first arrived because they had to substitute a few things because they were out of stock. I called right away though and they sent me the foods that had to be substituted at no additional costs! I was totally impressed by this because I wasn't expecting that at all. I have tried [](that cost $1500 because I bought some bars up front) and that program was horrible. I was constantly obsessed with the plan and, ultimately, became so overwhelmed that I quit. So far NutriSystem seems like a really good fit for me. If there's anyone out there who's curious about it, I would just give it a try. Buy one month, if you don't like it you're only out $300. That may seem like alot but it's better than the $1500 I lost at []. Good luck!

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Digestive cramping and Nutisystem

27 Sep 2008 - Kris of Virginia, USA writes:

I started the program about 45 days ago. I followed it pretty well although I did deviate on occasion from some meals. Nonethless, I was having awful stomach cramping/bloating in recent weeks and couldn't figure out why. Well, after reading all these reviews, it makes sense. The foods (majority of them) were good, but they totally ruined by digestive process. I cancelled the program recently because no only did i not lose weight, but it screwed with my digestion in the process.

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waste of $$

22 Sep 2008 - Mar of oregon, usa writes:

I was not that overweight when I decided to purchase Nutri-system (I wanted to loose about 15 lbs). Im active, pretty healthy, and 23 yrs old. I have tried every fad diet out there so I prepared myself that the food wasnt going to be the greatest. Which it wasnt! But Im not going to complain about that since its meant to be a temporary solution until you loose the weight and hey, it was better and healthier than starving. My complaint is the price. About $300/mo plus on top of that you have to purchase your veggies, fruits and dairy. Bottom line is PORTION CONTROL, which I can do myself for free :) and exercise. Just eat smaller portions, you dont need expensive food in a small dish to see results. Along with horrible customer service and it was extremely hard to get a hold of a representative(price includes a counselor thats suppose to help you with your goal and answer questions) I didnt really need her, but others might need a buddy and they never call you back. Please dont waste your $, I followed the program to a tee and have good will power and I didnt see any results. Maybe this is designed for peple who want to loose a serious amount of weight. Good luck!

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This is really working!

21 Aug 2008 - KC of AZ, USA writes:

I skeptically began NS 5 weeks ago, read all of the details and information and made myself mentally ready to try this program. As of today I've lost 23 lbs! By far the best progress I've ever experienced on any diet. Over the past few weeks I've been trying different foods and do have my favorites, some I don't care to try again, but all in all for the convenience, the food is surprisingly good. You do have to follow the program and of course supplement the diet with proteins, dairy, fats and of course, fruits and veggies! Drinking lots of water is a must, too. Their on-line support and web site are awesome and can be done 24/7 in the privacy of your own home or office. I use it daily to plan my menus and chart my progress and exercise. Once I reach my goal I hope I will still be able to utilize the web site, even though I may not be ordering food any longer. I truly feel if I keep seeing results, I will be motiviated to see this through to goal and will have learned portion control and sensible balanced eating habits and will be able to sustain this new eating life style. That should be the ultimate outcome.

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It's DIET - not gourmet

21 Apr 2008 - Jen of Georgia, USA writes:

I've read through these reviews and see a lot of people discuss the taste of the food, especially from people who like to cook. I like to cook. I'm from New Orleans - I know what good food is. However, I also have (or had) 70lbs to lose. I cannot expect to eat the type of food I like and lose weight. After all, the type of food I like got me fat. So, when I started Nutrisystem I agreed to make a sacrifice for weight loss. I needed the crutch of convenience to help me stick with the accurate and correct portion sizes. I believe I had portion distortion... Since this is DIET food I anticipated that it wouldn't be to my taste standards. It's been almost 2 months since I started. I've lost 21lbs. My portion distortion is gone. I feel a lot better - less hungry, probably due to the more consistent blood sugar levels throughout the day. And I can still eat out. I just try to mimic a NS meal when I do eat out - in size and content (low simple carbs and high fiber/protein). Last week I went to eat at a neighborhood pub with friends in Atlanta (Dakota Blue for any ATLers here). I had the small cup of vegetarian chili and a small chicken salad. No beer. Not having beer was the only thing that made me feel deprived. But then again, I am making sacrifices to lose a significant amount of weight. My self-esteem, likely from the newly found control over my diet and weight, has improved and I've started exercising more. Specifically, I've begun biking to work. It's not far, only 4 miles. But previously I wouldn't ride my old bike because I was too self-conscious about how I looked - like a pig on a stick! :D Here are my opinions: Food - not great but not horrible. I like the Fettucini Alfredo powdered lunch (add some rosemary to give it a kick), scrambled eggs (there's a trick to cooking them right), most of the dinners (hot sauce, rosemary, sweet basil do wonders), and I really like the pretzels and soy chips. Portion sizes - they're what you're supposed to eat. And you usually add a protein (such as a boiled egg or a Laughing Cow light cheese wedge) and some fresh vegetables to the meals. I have eaten a lot of zucchini and squash and cucumber.... Expense - considering how much I spent at the grocery store, liquor store, and at restaurants I think I am saving money here. Convenience - wonderful. I expect this part to end once I reach goal weight but, hey, no one said maintaining weight loss would be a vacation. Sustainability - NS has re-taught me what proper portion sizes are. It has also taught me to eat more vegetables to fill my tummy and ease hunger. It has also taught me to try things on a restaurant menu I normally wouldn't try. It has taught me what composition a meal should have in order to keep an even blood sugar level. I think I will be able to carry these lessons forth. I plan on staying on NS until I reach my initial goal weight, in 50 more pounds. Then I will start transitioning off so I can get used to eating my own food. If you're serious about losing weight and are ready to make sacrifices and think you might need 're-education' in regards to meal size and composition, as well as a great online support system (forums) then give this a shot. If you want something easy that involves little change in your current lifestyle then you really aren't ready to lose weight. Nothing will work for you.

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Product works but causes gas

13 Mar 2008 - Arlene of Florida, USA writes:

I have been on Nutrisystem and found that it works well. I don't agree with others who say the food tastes bad. I found the food very good, but I did add my own spices to just about everything, which included garlic powder, basil, Italian seasoning, or chopped ginger to Asian items, which made the food delicious. My problem and concern is the extreme gas caused by the soy in the products. And now that Nutrisystem has changed its formula to supposedly help the product help one to lose more weight, I have found that more soy was added to their products and my flatulance has gotten horribly bad as well, leaving me no choice but to find another way to lose weight. All in all, I lost 22 pounds and 2 dress sizes and I look wonderful, but the gas that is formed from digesting the foods is unbearable. What a shame that they changed a good product and made it unusable for me.

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Dont waste your time or money

12 Jan 2008 - ccinsf of California, USA writes:

Yes it is convenient, however your huge box of food each month will not be your only food bill and with the exception of maybe 5 entrees.... the food is disgusting. This plan teaches you nothing about how to eat and how to prepare your own food. The only portion control lessons you learn are from the size of the entrees. This diet is not a change of lifestyle and the minute you stop eating pre packaged foods you will gain your weight back and then some. It is extremely difficult to stick with (forget about going out to restaurants...). And the biggest problem is, you'll end up having a huge box of food you won't eat that you've already paid for.

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Not too bad

6 Dec 2007 - Priscilla of Maine, USA writes:

So today has been one month on the nutrisystem program, and I've lost 10 lbs. It hasn't been too bad, but its not exactly easy... You have to get used to eating much smaller portions, and learn to curb your cravings on your own. I've used apples, bananas, and salad with fat free dressing which has worked well. I also spend 40 mins on the elliptical 4-5 times a week. To me, the food is pretty good. Some things I could do without (cereal, some soups, mashed potatoes) but I'm pretty easy to please. I'm going for another months, because I love the convenience factor, and portion discipline :) Its working for me.

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It really can work

8 Oct 2007 - Janet of New York, USA writes:

My husband and I joined Nutrisystem together, which definitely helps. We've been on the program since 9/16 and to date I have lost 11 lbs and he has lost 18. The food is okay, and after 3-plus weeks we both know which things we would or would not order again. The bars are delicious and most of the breakfasts and soups are really good. For us, it was great to have the "thinking" part taken out of the equation- we know exactly what to eat and when to eat it, and are looking forward to taking what we've learned about portion control and balancing meals with us as we wean ourselves off of pre-packaged meals. The website offers tons of support and great tips, as well. Overall, we're quite pleased with the experience!

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it works if you work it

29 Jul 2007 - Jeris of Washington, USA writes:

I have been on NutriSystem since January 2007. I have lost 68.2 lbs and am very happy with the results. The cost? $300 seems like a lot, but before doing this I was already spending $150 a month just on crap lunches at the deli next to my office! You add in the fast food breakfasts (McPoison) and other unhealthy food and $300 seems like a good deal... This program works if you work it -- it does teach you proper portions and how to keep your blood sugar regulated throughout the day. And learning that is what will keep the weight off! 5 star cuisine? No. But it is quite tasty, and you can doctor it up to make it even better. And as another program member said, I would have eaten the box it all came in if it helped me lose this weight once and for all!! The food is a tool -- attitude and commitment are what make it work.

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Whole lotta supplements

17 Jul 2007 - Randi of New York, USA writes:

I am trying to lose 15 lbs and started a 35 day supply of Nutrisystem 5 days ago. I haven’t weighed myself yet but I’m fairly sure I’m losing weight. My problem is with all the supplementing. I didn’t realize I’d have to supply 2 fruits, 3 dairy/proteins, 2 vegetables, 1 fat and 2 salads per day to follow the NS plan. So there is a lot to keep track of besides simply heating up an NS meal. Not to mention the additional Cost. I was in the city running errands the last 2 days and it was difficult to follow the program. You try finding a place that will sell you 6 almonds, a half a banana, 1 ounce of fat free cheese AND let you use their microwave to nuke your NS meal. NOT EASY! I’ll finish the remaining month but then I’ll follow the weight watchers plan for the additional lbs. Easier for people on the go.

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the food is pretty lousy

9 Jul 2007 - Karin of Pennsylvania, USA writes:

Last month I started on this plan but after about 5 days I had to stop, because almost all the food tasted bad. I was very disappointed because I like the support of the preportioned foods, and I actually began losing weight right from day one. I know that if you could stick with the program it would work, but I just found the food to be too unpalatable.

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12 Jun 2007 - Ashley of Oklahoma, USA writes:

This product tasted just horrible. I am not a picky eater and have a high tolerance for all types of foods, but the products are so full of sodium to preserve them, that they gave me horrible stomach problems (Gas) and I just felt gross overall. Yes, I saw some weight loss but for the most part, the food was so unpalatable it was not worth it. I am also having problems with the company refunding my money. They told me they had a thirty day no questions asked refund policy, but it's been over a month and I haven't received one red cent back from them. I do not suggest this product to anyone.

Review Quality: Helpful  (9 votes) | Unhelpful  (13 votes)

It's okay

11 Jun 2007 - Peggy of Maryland, USA writes:

The program does work and I have learned about portion sizes but I found a lot of the food to not taste so great. I love some of the desert/snacks and some of the lunch and dinner entrees but some were so over processed and tasted so horrible that like some of the others I experienced stomach upset. I cancelled my auto delivery but you might find the food more appealing then I did. One more thing I did lose pounds on this program but the taste of the foods far outweighed the benefits so I am going to try the 6 week body makover program where I can prepare my own foods.

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7 Jun 2007 - Sarah of Nevada, USA writes:

I used Nutri-System about a year ago and lost about 20 pounds in three months. However, the food is very processed and some of it tasted pretty bad (serious stomach upset). The snacks and breakfasts were the best part of the plan. I would recommend using frozen foods from the grocery store. You could get the same results at half the cost and a little more variety than they offer.

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I'm actually pretty pleased

7 May 2007 - David of Washington, USA writes:

I have been on Nutrisystem for 7 whole days now, but I thought I would weigh in (no pun intended). First, I disagree with the people that say the food is disgusting. Everything I've had (other than one dessert) was quite tasty at best and quite edible at worst. To me, this food is not inherently bad in any way. In my opinion, the change in lifestyle that can come from this system is not emphasized enough. People seem to think that they buy these meals and they will magically be thin for ever and ever, but the reality is that the Nutrisystem meals are a small portion of the diet. I guess I'm lucky in that I truly do enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy items, so supplementing the NS meals is no problem at all for me. I think you will be well positioned to continue your weight management even after you stop buying the meals.

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No Complaints here so far

19 Apr 2007 - Roy of Ohio, USA writes:

I have been on it for a week(plus one day) and can honestly tell you it's exactly what I have been looking for. It's perfect for me because my main problem was portioning out food. NS does it for me. I chose my own food instead of letting NS pick and so far the foods that have been really good are the cheese tortillini, pizza, ham, oatmeal cookie, granola bars, grilled chicken... those are some off the top of my head. The only food I have regretted buying is the scrambled eggs, not very good. As for buying additional food, this is the stuff that a normal person should have on their shelves in the first place if they want to live a healthy life so I dont see whats the big deal about having stuff like Peanut Butter, Bread, Salad, Fruits, Spinach, Cheese etc. I've dropped 11 out of 25 pounds in 8 days and things look up!

Review Quality: Helpful  (14 votes) | Unhelpful  (5 votes)

Love It

4 Apr 2007 - Emily of California, USA writes:

Prior to purchasing NutriSystem my daughter and I were considering another weight loss product because we read some of the most frightening news about the taste of NS food. I was extremley angry after we finally did taste our NS food at the liars who made such false accusations. The food taste wonderful; there's not a thing wrong with it. Almost every single thing I ate was great!! Whoever wrote those lies should be ashamed of themselves. I'm wondering if someone put "them" up to it to make people believe that NS food is horrible?? I want everyone to know that it is a great product and you can be assured that it is worth your money. No it is not expensive after you consider how much junk you eat when not dieting. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to state the facts.

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Nutrisystem food is like cat food

2 Apr 2007 - Larry of South Carolina, USA writes:

I used this product for 3 weeks and found that most of the food was discusting!!! The entire system is misrepresented as the majority of the nutritious diet comes from additional food you have to add. I would never reccommend Nutrisystem to anyone!

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I love NutraSystem

28 Mar 2007 - Marc of North Carolina, USA writes:

I've been using NutraSystem for almost one week, and I have been completely satisfied. I ordered the Mens Program, and received my 5 week supply of food in about a week. I'm not a picky eater at all, and I have found everything to be really good! I'm in the military and pretty active, and I usually don't get very hungry. If you want to take the guess work out of your portion sizes, NS is the way to go. I like the strict strucure the plan gives as far as meals are concerned. It's not for everyone, but it does work. I've lost 7.5 lbs so far this week, and I haven't really cranked up my workouts yet. I would recommend NS to anyone, it's surpised the heck out of me.

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