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The best system for weight loss!

11 Sep 2008 - Dawn of VT, USA writes:

I purchased this several years ago and followed it along with []. I lost 35 lbs. and felt great! The videos are fun and you don't get bored because it alternates between cardio and strength training so it feels as though as soon as your muscles start to fatigue, you go to a different set and give that body part a rest. I absolutely LOVED it!

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30 Jul 2008 - Alison of California, USA writes:

The first time I ever used this, I sprained my ankle. My ankle still clicks every time I even push the gas pedal in my car. and I sprained it 3 years ago! The steps are so poorly built! These are more dangerous than anything. I was already in good shape too, I am a dancer. so would stay farr away if you are looking to get into shape with these. I got rid of them immediately!!

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FIRM Favorite

4 Apr 2008 - Stormy of TX, USA writes:

I love almost all of the firm videos and this set is another one of my favorites. Just to clarify, a lot of people are saying you'll see results in "10 days"- that is NOT the firm's promise. They guarantee results in 10 WORKOUTS which could take anywhere from 2-3 weeks if you're doing about 3-4 workouts per week. So don't get confused or disappointed when you don't see results in 10 "days". Anyway, the firm is a true workout that gives you what you put into it. The harder you work the better your results. My results have been amazing. I wasn't exaclty overweight, but I was flabby, had cellulite and was VERY out of shape. I'm 5'7" and started at 153 lbs. I started by modifying my diet with the basic stuff: cutting out fried greasy foods, limiting sweets to once/twice a week, replaced bad carbs (e.g. white bread, white rice) with better ones (whole grain wheat bread, brown rice). I did the FIRM workouts 4 times a week. The first week I used no weights. The seconds week I used light weights only. After 2 weeks I lost 4lbs of fat. Doesn't seem like much but losing 4lbs of pure fat vs 2 lbs of fat + 2 lbs lean muscle mass is a BIG accomplishment. Now 5 weeks later I have lost a total of 11 lbs of body fat. That's TWO dress sizes for me!!! I am soooo happy. I was wearing a size 11 in juniors and now I wear a 9! I am aiming to fit my size 7 jeans. I am more toned and the workouts get easier each time I do it. When I have my form perfect with the 8 lbs dumbbells I will move to ten pounds (but I'm just a work in progress). I promise you if you really work hard and stick with it you WILL see results. Consistancy is the key. Clean up your diet a little bit. Small changes you can actually handle. You will feel so happy and proud of yourself. Losing weight with the firm makes me feel so good about myself like I can conquer the world. You will not be disappointed... Happy Firming :-)

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Loved it!

12 Sep 2007 - Michelle of Washington, USA writes:

After hitting a boredom plateau at the gym I thought I would give this a try. After the first workout I was hooked and this program helped take my fitness goals to the next level. It was very well taught and it takes you from Beginner to Advanced on ONE video and shows you how to modify the routines to fit your needs. I thought so highly of it, that a friend of mine was getting married and she was worried that she wouldnt fit into her new dress when the day came. I told her she could use it for 2 months and she liked it so much that I didnt get it back and I am now searching for another one. I would recommend this product/program to anyone looking for a wonderful routine and who wont mind being sore EACH AND EVERY time they use it.

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10 Days-Look Better!

26 Jan 2007 - Sandy of Pennsylvania, USA writes:

I am an avid user of the firm workouts. They are challenging but easy to follow. They produce results within 10 days-that is if you aren't too sore to continue! I haven't tried this particular workout, but I do have other ones w/ the fannylifter and have used the videos for over 10 years. They work well!!!

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good workout

13 Jan 2007 - Laura of Texas, USA writes:

i am an avid exerciser. I have owned quite a few workout videos and the firm workouts are challenging and really work. my favorite part about these workouts is the core exercises at the end. they really challenge me. I never bought the long bar they sell, however, b/c i feel its a waist of money. They use it mostly for ballance purposes and any other stable object could be used as a subsititute. so my advice would be not to waiste your money on the bar. ive also never purchased the 'fanny lifter', as they call it. i use the regular step benches and that works just fine for me.

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28 Mar 2006 - Lisa of Texas, USA writes:

I have The firm 2 and I have the transfirmer that just came out, I use to have the firm box but, the transfirmer is better and more stable. I have been a firm believer since the birth of my second child in 2002, IT WORKS!!! It literally reshapes your whole body if you stick with it and clean up your diet, I do have one day a week that I eat what ever I want which makes staying on a sensible eating plan throughout the week easy to do. I also eat every 2 to 3 hours which kicks up your metabolism and keeps you burning fat throughout the day. I can't say enough about the firm it is awesome and it works! Keep Firming and God Bless

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16 Feb 2006 - Yvonne of New York, USA writes:

I've always tried to excersise, but i wud get bored so easily and I wud neva stick with it, then a friend turned me on to the firm and of course I was skeptical, but who isn't? I was starting skool in a month and i wanted to look good, so I tried it...when I tell you that the weight just melted off, I'm not lyin...I could see a change in 10 days just like they was amazing!!!...I had never experienced results so rapidly...I would highly recommend the firm to anyone who loves to get a good workout and sweat. At first its hard to keep up, but It motivates you to keep going until you get it right. I promise that you'll look forward to your workout everyday.

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4 Oct 2005 - Megan of Indiana, USA writes:

I have tried The Firm 1, 2, and 3. They are all excellent. They are, by far, the best workout programs I have ever done. The weight seems to melt off of you. The only complaint that I would have about it is that once the fat came off, my legs got bulky. I eliminated the weights for the stepping and noticed the difference.

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20 Sep 2005 - Priscilla of Virginia, USA writes:

I am 16 and have always wanted the lean toned body with a six-pack. I started using this product at 14, I would wake up at 4;30 do the workout and then go to school, it was hard but i never got back home until after 10:30 at night. let me tell you I got very lean. Then I moved stopped using the firm 2 and lost alot of muscle, so i started using it again everyday, when i went down south to see family everyone was in shock of how lean i had become(only working out 1 hour everyday). well once again I moved and I quit using the firm for 6 months lost muscle....I have just started working out to it again and I can not wait to see the results. The firm is a very good product, yes it is hard you will sweat, and drink sooooo much water but believe me you will have one FREAKIN HOTT BODY!!! I did not diet while using this product just watched to make sure I did not eat too much, or fill up on too much junk. God Bless, Priscilla

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19 Jun 2005 - Katherine of Pennsylvania, USA writes:

I have been a runner for 7 years.  I thought I was in shape...  I started using this system about a year ago because I wanted to add lifting to my workout routines and I didn't want to join a gym.  This really works!   I like the videos in this system, especially Max cardio Burn and Complete Aerobics and Weight training, but I also have a few videos from Sculpting system 1 and my favorite is Body Sculpt with Jen Carmen (because you can split upper body and lower body work into 2 workouts).  My only complaint with sculpting system 2 is that you can't modify the workouts easily or use only parts of them--you have to do the whole 1 hour workout because they mix upper, lower, and ab routines all together.

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24 May 2005 - Lori of Minnesota, USA writes:

This system really works!  It was the best $60 I ever invested as far as I'm concerned.  The Fanny Lifter and Sculpting Stick are wonderful tools to aid you in firming and toning your body.  I actually have definition in my arms now.  Since incorporating a sensible diet and The FIRM workouts, I have lost 80 pounds and 25 inches!!  I absolutely hate to do crunches, but the way the instructors work your abs using this system makes them bearable.  I find myself actually looking forward to working out!

Review Quality: Helpful  (10 votes) | Unhelpful  (8 votes)

16 May 2005 - Susan of Georgia, USA writes:

I love The Firm.  I have used it twice now (i'm planning on staying on it permanently), and I have seen positive results.  That said, I have a couple pieces of advice.  Be very careful starting out.  Last summer, when I ordered it, I worked out too hard and had a persistent back pain for 2 months.  Also, FOLLOW Suzanne!  If you do squats like the rest of the bunch, you might hurt your knees.  What I did this time was start off with easy cardio, about 25 minutes a day.   After 3 weeks, I began The Firm every other day. That way, my stamina was better and I was able to finish the workouts without feeling like I was going to die.  Take it slow. And don't skip any parts. You may think they spend too much time on certain muscles...but if you decide to only work your biceps, you can injure yourself.  I absolutely recommend this product.  Stick with it!

Review Quality: Helpful  (7 votes) | Unhelpful  (6 votes)

11 Mar 2005 - Amie of Oklahoma, USA writes:

I'm seeing a lot of people who think it's a bad thing that they can't make it through the workouts from The Firm right away.  I actually consider this to be a strong point of this system.  Before The Firm, I had purchased several workout videos and DVDs. I would do them a few times, and then I'd quickly get bored with them because they got too easy and monotonous.  Not only that, but I'd get so irritated with having every move broken down and spelled out for me every single time I did the workout.  These explanations were fine once or twice, but they always seemed to take up at least 1/3 of the session, and I had no use for them after the first or second run-through of whatever workout I was doing.  I considered them to be empty filler material, and therefore a waste of my time.  Also, if it was a workout that I could keep up with the first time I popped the tape into the VCR, I'd be proud of myself for that moment, yes...but they simply never turned out to be challenging enough to be worth my money in the long-term.  There's a reason why it's called WORKING out.   It's hard! The Firm isn't just mentally challenging, either.  It's very physically challenging!  It'll probably be awhile before you can completely keep up.   You WILL be sore.  However, anything worth having is always hard work, and a great body is no exception.  If you do The Firm consistently and eat right, you absolutely will see amazing results.  This system does work, and it works extremely well.  But if it were easy, everyone would be slim with great muscle definition.   You have to be willing to put in the effort and determination. Bottom Line:   If you're looking for a workout that you can feel good right away about having gotten all the way through it, this probably isn't the one you want (and the one you want probably won't be as effective, either).  But if you're willing to sweat, perservere and work your tail off, knowing that you'll have better results to show for it than you've ever had before, run, don't walk, to the nearest place that sells it, and buy The won't be sorry!

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28 Feb 2005 - Briana of Texas, USA writes:

I purchased this product some months ago and recently started using it. The first time I did one of the videos I could tell this product worked. I wouldnt really reccommend these videos to someone that is extremely overweight because there is a lot of aerobic activity and you will get tired very fast. I am not overweight and was pretty athletic in high school about 4 years ago. I am 5'7" and 140 lbs. I wanted to tone up and slim down a little. When I first started the videos I was really flabby. After doing the videos 3-4 times a week for one month I started to notice a difference. My butt didnt sag as much anymore and people started to notice the definition in my legs and arms. I didnt really lose weight but the transformation of my body was overwhelming for me. I have more confidence now and it really worsk. It's going to be hard when your first start but I didnt even realize how easy the videos had become after a while. I think I have lost inches though rather than weight and to me that's more important because I went down from a size 9 to a size 7 in junior clothes and I am aiming for a size 5.

Review Quality: Helpful  (6 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

26 Feb 2005 - Anita of Oregon, USA writes:

Love it!love it!love it! My butt is tighter and more defined, my thighs are smaller, however I am still having trouble in my tummy area. But then again I am a apple shape where I have a tendency to put on weight around my tummy rather then on my hips. Unfortunately it have given me knee pains. Well recently I read on a health magazine  that after you have a baby, you should ease into an excercise which I didin't, after all I awas desperate to lose all my baby fat. However after meeting a phsyical therepist, she pointed out that maybe I wasn't doing my squats and lunges correctly. You need to make sure that your knees does not go over your toes when you squat or do lunges. Also when you go up the fanny lifter, make sure also the knees don't go over the toes and the knees are aligned properly with the toes. This wasn't clear to me on the videos. Anyway I have started to do it. The pain is still there but it doesn't bother me that much. Overall, this is the best investment I have made and am recommending this to my sister and friends. I also am looking forward to buy the newer version of the set. For those on the lookout for a good workout video, this is the one!!!

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11 Jan 2005 - Tasha of Texas, USA writes:

I purchashed The Firm Body Sculpting System 2  about the second week in December 2004. I am an African American female and probably had the biggest butt imaginable. After about 2 weeks, I happened to glance at myself in my full length mirror and almost burst into tears!! Its literally as if the bottom portion of my body didn't even belong to me! I had shrunk! I had HUGE hips, thighs, and butt, and now its melting away. The FIRM has totally changed me. I will continue to keep on Firming!! I highly recommend it!

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7 Jan 2005 - Julie of Oregon, USA writes:

I bought the firm 2 with fanny lifter and sculpting bar at [] last year, I love it and use it 5 times a week. I still go to the gym as well. The only complaint I have is that the reps for upper body don't seem to be sufficient and they focus on triceps more than any other muscle. But the lower body workout...HELLO, it's a doozie! I would recommend this. I am actually going to get the Firm 3 when it hits [], I refuse to pay high s/h costs and deal with returns via mail! I have toned and lost 25 lbs so far but diet is a big part of my success.

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14 Dec 2004 - Daryl of Illinois, USA writes:

I bought this set a year ago, to add to my regular firm workouts, and I must say that this one of my favorite workouts.  The music is great and I like the addition of the sculpting stick because it helps to stabilize you when you are on the tall box or doing squats and lunges.  It is also a good medium weight 8lbs put together, not too heavy.  When I started using the videos, I removed the ends and worked with the bar @ 4 lbs until my fitness level improved.  I am an intermediate exerciser and now I use not only the 8 lb sculpting stick but I also have a 12 pound body bar, adjustible to up 18 lbs,  that I use for the leg segment, so you can add more weight as you advance.  However, I would always go lighter when trying out any new video that uses weights.  I think this video would be great for beginners, all they would have to do is modify,i.e., use less weight, and in the segment where you climb the tall box, instead of using the tall box totally assembled, just use the blue or purple section until you are able to increase the intensity/height.  One word of caution though about the ab workout; while it is unique, someone with a lower back problem should be cautious, this coming from a person who has had back problems, i.e. a slipped disc/sciatic in the past.  The rule of thumb should be: if it hurts don't do it, or modify it.  The way I modified the ab workout was to not use the sculpting stick when they did the exercises that lean back and then raise up to do the oblique twist.  I instead followed the beginner, she held her thighs throughout the whole workout.   This will give you better stabilization and control over the movements and you still get a great workout if you concentrate on holding your abs in really tight.   Overall I give this work out an A++ and highly recommend it for all fitness levels, and will even challenge the most seasoned exercise enthusiast.

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1 Dec 2004 - Jill of Mississippi, USA writes:

This is a great product for overall toning and aerobic exercise.  I tend to get bored with exercise videos but with 3 different dvds to choose from, it's easier to stick with.  I have bought more Firm videos to do as well. I've noticed more toning than weight loss though.  My sculpting stick is not holding up all that well.  One end is very loose and will fall off if I'm not careful.  Overall, I would give this an A-.

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