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Nothing but trouble

24 Aug 2008 - Mark of CT, USA writes:

TC 5000 We have had this treadclimber for several years and have had nothing but problems with it! We have gone through replacing console, 2 motors, circuit boards and treadles. Motor and circuit board are dead again after just 5 months of use! We refuse to take this machine a part again as it is a huge job! We will be calling customer service in the morning to complain not that it will do any good! End result: the TC 5000 is going to the dump tomorrow and we will be puchasing a treadmill. Recommendation: DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PIECE OF JUNK. Go buy yourself a top of the line treadmill and still have money left over for what you would have spent for the TC 5000.

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Belts move

16 Aug 2008 - Valerie of Texas, USA writes:

I purchased the Treadclimber TC3000. I read reviews and understood that it was awkward to use. Unfortunately, for me that is an understatement. The left belt travels to the edge, it actually travels over the belt guide, causing a black powder to come off of the belt. As previously reported in another review, customer service also told me this was normal and not to be worried. The problem it causes me is the gap between the two belts is too wide for normal walking - I find that I have to shift my legs outward while walking to avoid stepping in the gap. I've attempted to readjust the belt many times, but it always shifts back right away. As a result, it is not an enjoyable workout.

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Bad Purchase TC5000

22 Apr 2008 - Dayna of Arizona, USA writes:

About 4 workouts on this product after I purchased it, the belts on the treadles started to move to the sides causing the belts to shred all over my carpet(custermer service said that this was normal wear.) When the belts move to the side it is causing my feet to slip between the belts, which make me stumble. I am being interupted from my workout to get off the machine to adjust the belts. I have good workouts until the belts move to the sides again, then I have to step off, then ajust and continue. The machine is also louder than I expected it to be. Setting up I did not find to be difficult but very heavy equipment. For the price of $2300 plus shipping of $300 it is just not worth it!!

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Bad Purchase TC5000

22 Apr 2008 - Dayna of Arizona, USA writes:

About 4 workouts on this product after I purchased it, the belts on the treadles started to move to the sides causing the belts to shred all over my carpet(custermer service said that this was normal wear.) When the belts move to the side it is causing my feet to slip between the belts, which make me stumble. I am being interupted from my workout to get off the machine to adjust the belts. I have good workouts until the belts move to the sides again, then I have to step off, then ajust and continue. The machine is also louder than I expected it to be. For the price of $2300 plus shipping of $300 it is just not worth it!!

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Bowflex Treadclimber TC 5000

13 Mar 2008 - Hong of CA, USA writes:

UPDATE: My husband and I bought the Bowflex Treadclimber TC 5000 in February 2006. We love this machine for some reasons, and don't like it for other reasons. I'll explain below. ASSEMBLY: We assembled this machine ourselves. The assembly instructions were fairly easy to follow. Two persons must work together to lift and assemble some parts. It took us about 2 hours to put the machine together. IMPRESSION: We chose this machine because of its compact size. The space available in our home does not allow room for a treadmill or elliptical machine. We feel great, invigorated, and sweaty at the end of each workout on this machine. My husband says that this machine gives him a more vigorous workout than regular treadmills. USAGE AND RESULTS: Since 2006, I've been using this machine 5 days a week for 35-45 minutes, at medium speeds ranging from 2.5 to 3.5 mph. For nearly 2 years, my husband stuck to a fast-paced (3.5 to mostly 4.0 mph), 5-days-a-week, 80-minute regimen. He now reduces the workout to 3 days a week Before buying this machine, we were in good health. Now, we're in excellent health, God willing. I've lost about 3 lbs. My husband has lost about 7 lbs. We've toned up visibly over the last 2 years, but not entirely because of this machine. After each Treadclimber workout, we add 30-40 minutes of lifting weights (25-50 lbs). When time and energy permit, I also add a 10-15 minute abdominal exercise, and about a 25 minute Taebo workout to my daily routine. RESISTANCE LEVEL: We started at the lower resistance levels. Within a few weeks, we quickly progressed to the maximum setting. Since then, we leave the resistance at the maximum level. We feel no need to interrupt any workout to adjust the resistance level. FUNNY NOISES: We put a rug under our machine for cushion and noise reduction. When we began to use this machine, the right hydraulic piston made squeaky noises. Terribly annoying. We sprayed silicon oil on all the hydraulic joints we could think of. But the noise continued. After a month or so, we sort of became tone-deaf to this squeak. Eventually, it disappeared. Thereafter, from time to time, we hear unusual noises from the machine. Not loud, but clearly noticeable. Out comes the silicon spray can. A squirt here. A squirt there. Silence restored. If you own this machine, arm yourself with a lubricant spray can, and prepare for sporadic battles to vanquish weird noises. MOTOR: After almost 2 years of usage, our machine broke down. The odometer reading was 49,400. (This is the number that briefly flashes on the console after you insert the safety key.) Through the phone, Bowflex customer service department walked us through different diagnostic steps to pinpoint the source of the problem. Yes, one needs to be next to the machine (i.e. at home) while calling in for help. Calling from work is futile without the machine. The final verdict? The motor died, within the 5-year warranty period. Thank God. We weren't happy to learn that the warranty covers parts, not labor. Customers must replace the parts themselves. This is an important point that you need to keep in mind, if planning to buy a Treadclimber. After our machine was kaput for 5-weeks , the motor finally arrived. Without instructions. Perhaps a shipping oversight. Again, we called Bowflex. They sent the instructions by e-mail. We're the do-it-yourself type. In spite of previous engineering degrees, we found the written instructions hard to follow. But the photos in the instructions were helpful. It was a great challenge to replace the motor. The most difficult part was pulling the tight, new drive belt over the roller pulley and motor flywheel. Without my husband's muscles, there's no way I can do the work myself. Together, we spent over 3 hours on this project. BELT: We keep the treadles and belts regularly lubricated, even more often than instructed in the manual. Almost immediately after we installed the new motor, the belt on the treadle began to make a scraping noise. We squirted silicon oil, and adjusted the belt tension. But the noise got worse and more annoying. When the odometer reached 49,600 or so, the scraping sound progressed to a loud screeching noise. The belt was tracking excessively to one side, and scrape against something under the treadle. Again, we called Bowflex customer service. We had the number memorized and on speed dial by now. The customer service representative told us to adjust the belt tension. Several times. No good. She could hear the screeching noise over the phone. The final diagnosis? The belt got old, and over stretched. So, they sent new belts, under the 3-year warranty. Thank God. A few days later, a set of new belts arrived. With instructions this time, luckily. Unfortunately, the belt replacement instructions is a complete enigma. No pictures. No drawings. No idea what they're talking about. Again. Two laborers. Two engineering degrees. Much head scratching and muttering. Many cuts, scrapes, and grunts. More than 4 hours later. Two aching backs. New right belt. The left belt? It's worn, too. But not making any noise yet. And we had no energy left to replace the left belt. The left belt is tougher to replace than the right. We must remove the drive belt, roller pulley, and motor flywheel to remove the left belt. With fresh memory of our struggle with these parts, we want to leave them in peace for now. So, we're walking very carefully on the left belt, and hope to delay its replacement as long as possible. CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you buy this machine, guard the receipt with your life. When problems develop, to get parts under warranty, you must first fax your receipt to Bowflex. Their customer service department is open on weekdays, from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. PST. This meant having to juggle our work schedules to be at home during the times that we contacted Bowflex. You need to be next to your machine when calling Bowflex for help. Their customer service representative will walk you through certain steps. You'll have to follow each step, and describe over the phone what your machine is doing. It's like getting your car mechanic to figure out, over the phone, what's wrong with you car. He'll send you the replacement parts and instructions. Although in English, some written instructions make absolutely no sense to you. At the end, you'll have to take your machine apart and fix it yourself. Below is our tally of contacts with Bowflex after our machine broke down. - 13 phone calls to Bowflex - too many wasted hours to recall without pain. - 10 days delay for Bowflex to return our 1st phone call. - 9 Bowflex representatives - some inept, 2 helpful, 1 knowledgeable. - 3 wrong diagnoses (replacement of speed sensor, jumper wire, and circuit board). - 3 failed attempts to take the machine apart pursuant to wrong diagnoses. - 1 correct diagnosis (motor replacement), finally given by the 6th representative. - 1 shipment delay due to bad data entry - wrong shipping address. - 4 e-mails sent to 2 representatives - no reply received. - 3 weeks delay for new motor - part not available. - 1 run-around attempt to get supervisor's contact information - wrong information given, still no clue who's the head honcho of customer service. The above is the good, bad, and ugly account of our experience with our TC 5000 Bowflex Treadclimber over the last 2 years. We hope that you find it helpful in your decision whether to purchase one for yourself.

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9 Oct 2007 - Charles of New York, USA writes:

I recently purchased the bowflex treadclimber TC5000 To be concise I will summarize. 1. comes in 3 boxes approx. 75lb. ea. 2. setup is not bad but found plastic covers to be a pain. 3. had to call customer service and they were excellent. 4. The belts needed adjustment and I think belt wear could be a problem. 5. step motion is provided by hydralic cylinders which I found difficult to set the tension on each to be the same. 6. You cannot run on this machine, only step and walk at an incline. 7. If you try it make sure you keep the original boxes in case you want to return it. 8. workout is decent but I think walking fast using an incline treadmill is comparable. In closing: For the money I don't think it's worth it. I would opt for a really nice treadmill which offers more flexability. I think 700 dollars is a more realistic price to this product.

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Great Machine

8 Jun 2007 - Rick of Massachusetts, USA writes:

We just received our TreadClimber a few days ago, and my wife and I like it. I read some of the other reviews, and it really wasn't hard to set up. If you are mechanically challenged, it may take a little longer to set up, but following the directions helps tremendously. It does take a lot of time to get accustomed to walking on it, but one you do, it doesn't take any more concentration than walking on an uneven surface. It does make a lot more noise than the regular treadmill that we have, but once the ear buds for the iPod go in, you can't hear it - and the volume isn't up very far either. All in all, I'd recommend this machine to anyone serious about fitness. It's a great machine to work out on.

Review Quality: Helpful  (19 votes) | Unhelpful  (11 votes)

Tremendous Workout!!

30 May 2007 - Rance of Missouri, USA writes:

It takes about 3 workouts to get used to the motion, but other then that you will get a tremendous workout every time. The only concern I had was the treadle belts. They tend to unravel on the far edges of them, and you will see black dust from them on your mat. I called bowflex and they say this is normal because they rub against the belt guides. I didn't notice any unraveling or the dust on my mat after about 4 workouts. I'm thinking that this comes from breaking in a new machine. You won't see this on the ones advertised because they probably haven't been worked out on.

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I like it.

22 May 2007 - David of Maryland, USA writes:

I have been using it for 3 weeks; during the first two I had the mills locked in place just to get used to walking on the machine. At the start of the third week I unlocked the mills and could not believe how much more difficult it is. I use it for 45 minutes a day at about 2.2 MPH and when I am finished I look like I just got out of the shower. In three weeks of use along with modifying my eating habits I have lost 14 pounds so far, not to mention I just feel better physically.

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10 Apr 2007 - Angela of Ontario, Canada writes:

Well, I have the TC5300 and man was it heavy to take down the stairs. My mom and I took it down 4 stairs and then she got pinned too the backdoor. Good thing my uncle was on his way over.... The tradclimber took about an hour to put together, but VERY VERY VERY heavy. I have been using the climber for about a week now and I am sweating buckets. I first tried it at the gym. My heart rate is between 75-85% of my max. However, it is loud and it seems like it's unstable. It rocks around a bit when the speed is increased. For $4500.00 (after tax and shipping CDN) it should not do that. However, as a Personal Trainer I recommend this product for a great cardio workout.

Review Quality: Helpful  (15 votes) | Unhelpful  (9 votes)

Love It, Love It

7 Nov 2006 - D. Pierre of California, USA writes:

Used this machine at my gym, loved it so much that I bought one for home - got a great price for the 5000 []. I use it 5 days a week, 20 minutes a day --- lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks. It was hard to put together and took several hours --- but it was worth it.

Review Quality: Helpful  (17 votes) | Unhelpful  (38 votes)

27 Dec 2005 - Ron of Indiana, USA writes:

I purchased the Treadclimber 3000 and have been using it for about 6 weeks. Great work out. I started at 2.0 MPH for 5 minutes and am up to 3.5 MPH for about 30 minutes. This, along with watching what I eat has helped me lose 25 pounds. Max speed is 4 MPH, which means you cant run or even jog on this machine (I have tried, it doesnt work). A negative IMO. Setup wasnt too bad, it took a couple hours, and some of the screw holes didnt match up during setup. The machine is VERY LOUD. Also, very heavy. It took 2 men up move this thing upstairs. Overall, for the price, I would expect the machine to be quieter with more bells and whistles but it does offer a very good workout.

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10 Oct 2005 - Cathy of Kansas, USA writes:

I just purchased the Tread Climber 3000. One of the boxes arrived damaged and the treadles were broken. I called and got great service. They sent an entirely new treadle set. The new arrived and my husband and I assembled it. It did take us a couple of hours to do. We did have a problem with calibrating it; but, customer service was very helpful. We had to put the speed sensor in a little differently. It worked great. I am 38 years old and have just been diagnosised with arthiritis in the knees. I can no longer participate in many activities - like running. I have found the tread climber to provide me a workout that is equivalent to my 3 mile run without the joint pain. How wonderful! I love my tread climber. I sweat buckets on it and never feel the pain I do with jogging.

Review Quality: Helpful  (9 votes) | Unhelpful  (12 votes)

26 Sep 2005 - Cheryl of California, USA writes:

I first saw ads for the treadclimber in fitness magazines.   Then my health club, 24 Hour Fitness added the machines to their cardio room. This is one intense workout!  You have to really learn to walk all over again, but actually, that's a good thing!  By forcing you to concentrate on your step, foot strike, and balance, you can quickly determine if you have a very dominant side (we all have dominant sides, but the degree varies), and how to correct it.  My chiropractor informs me that improper gait leads to pain in the foot, shin, hip, back and even shoulders when your body is out of alignment.  The company doesn't make the claim, but by forcing you to pay attention to your gait, speed and overall balance, you can improve all of these things, and potentially save yourself issues later. I love this new machine, and use it whenever it is free at the gym. It is a great addition to other cardio workouts, and you do get your heart rate up and break a sweat faster than on any other cardio machine.  Try it!  And don't be afraid to slow down alot in the beginning to get used to the motion. Once you do, you'll wonder why you ever walked on a treadmill.   It is a great substitute for walking outdoors. --on the flip side, Nautilus could improve the machine -- make the treadles longer, the belt wider, and provide arms that you move yourself (ones unlike the ellipticals where they move as long as the foot pedals are moved).  This would greatly improve the simulation of walking outdoors, and provide better stabilization.  Nobody walks with their hands in front of them; we should have a machine that simulates real life as closely as possible.

Review Quality: Helpful  (20 votes) | Unhelpful  (17 votes)

17 Aug 2005 - James of New Jersey, USA writes:

love it, love it, love it!!!! the machine kicks ass, after 5min. you start to burn,10min your heart rate is up and you are sweating buckets. i own a real stairclimer and a life fitness elipical cross trainer and i would sell them both for another treadclimber. best cardio workout ever. i definately think a newer model will address all the negative feedback.definately needs a little more space but i wouldnt trade it for anything

Review Quality: Helpful  (9 votes) | Unhelpful  (16 votes)

10 Aug 2005 - Pennie of Pennsylvania, USA writes:

The Treadclimber gives you a  great workout, but the thing clunks something terrible and for $2100 I think it should be a little more quiet.   Customer service for the Treadclimber is awful.  When we confronted them about the clunk, they did send us new parts to try and fix it, but to no avail; so we're stuck with a $2100 peice of equipment that is very noisy. If you can try it before buying it, I would.

Review Quality: Helpful  (18 votes) | Unhelpful  (5 votes)

26 Jun 2005 - Christa of Texas, USA writes:

I bought the treadclimber in March of 2005. It does give a good workout. However, you need to be careful and not get sloppy while using this machine. If you're not paying attention or get really tired and step incorrectly, you can toss yourself off the back of the machine. I did it twice when I first got it. It comes with an emergency stop feature, thank goodness. Also, it was a little disappointing for the $2100 pricetag. For this kind of money I was expecting relatively quiet operation. This machine is anything but quiet. It bangs, it squeaks, it can be generally annoying to listen to. As expensive as it is I was expecting better quality. Also, don't think by doing the 3 day a week 1/2 hr a day recommended by the company that you will get fabulous weight loss results. Maybe if you have the most resistance and the highest speed setting you can but not where the average person starts out when they first buy this machine. I recommend 30-45 minutes 6 days a week if you actually want to see decent results when using lower resistance levels and lower speeds.

Review Quality: Helpful  (14 votes) | Unhelpful  (10 votes)

8 Jun 2005 - Stacey of California, USA writes:

I tried this for the first time at my gym, it's brand new.   I was SO disappointed.  I could not keep the foot plates at an even height, one was always higher than the other and I had to change my gait constantly to get them even again.  Plus the tread on each plate is kind of skinny, so the inside of my feet kept hitting the inside of the platform.  Maybe I have a narrow step, but it was SO uncomfortable trying to widen my step to keep my feet on the tread.  Very disappointing, as I was very excited to try it.  I recommend trying to test this somewhere before you buy it.

Review Quality: Helpful  (17 votes) | Unhelpful  (6 votes)

18 Apr 2005 - Mark of Arizona, USA writes:

Treadclimber TC5000 is a horrible expensive piece of sheet. It took me whole day to put together and then it did not even move. When I called customer service, the answering machine said they would contact me in 2 days. And finally they said send everything back and we will take a look. They were not even apologetic for sending me a machine which does not work.

Review Quality: Helpful  (12 votes) | Unhelpful  (20 votes)

18 Apr 2005 - Latoya of Florida, USA writes:

Well i bought the tread climber a month ago and i finally recieved it and put it together in less than an hour. ive been working out on the treadclimber for a week now along with eating a sensible diet and i have lost 9 pounds i feel much better and look much better and look forward to my next workout. If your lookin for a machine that really works then this is the one for you. thanks treadclimber

Review Quality: Helpful  (11 votes) | Unhelpful  (17 votes)

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