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22 Nov 2008 - TAMMY of PA, USA writes:

I've had this rebounder for 4years. Its been greatfor me.I find it to be fun. It gets more use than my other exercise equipment.Its not for a super intense cardio workout. But it is for those who want to do something. And run through the workout CD twice and you'll get your heartrate up. I find it great on the rainy days when you can't get out. It also has worked well for me since I got frozen shoulder and all exercise has been painful. I'm just getting back to a full time routine and this provides a good transition into it. Also it really doesn't jar the joints.I say give it a try.

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Worth It

18 Nov 2008 - Bridget of FL, USA writes:

I mainly use a Fluidity Bar for an intense interval workout (3xs a week), but I wanted to add light cardio on my off days. The Urban Rebounder is great! I watched the DVD for ideas, and then made up my own routine. You can make it as light or intense as you need. I do it for 15 minutes in the AM and 15 minutes in the early evening. I think if you aren't positioned right, you won't get as much benefit. You have to hold your abdominals taut, slightly bend your knees and push down with the balls of your feet (not jump). I can really feel it in my core and legs. It has other unexpected benefits- my digestive system is humming. I got mine NEW for $33. The only thing I could do without- the squeaking noises. They aren't horrible though. Has anyone tried [] on the springs?

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No Thanks

13 Sep 2008 - Kilo of CO, USA writes:

I have always been athletic, and was looking for something I could use for some quick cardio in my small apartment when the weather was bad. This piece of equipment is not for someone that is used to working out hard, getting that high that comes from a good cardio workout. If you are already in shape, it doesn't do much, it's annoying to bounce up and down. All in all, it was an amusing distraction, but I wound up selling mine on []. If you are just beginning, its a good product. If you're already in shape, it doesn't do anything for you.

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Good workout

5 Jul 2008 - Karen of pa, USA writes:

I have used other mini trampolines and the cheaper ones usually end up breaking within a year. I have had my Urban Rebounder for over a year and both my daughter and I have used it and it is still in good condition. This is a really good cardio workout that is easy on the joints. I have some knee and back problems that prohibit me from jogging or doing high impact exercises and when I work out on this rebounder, I never feel pain. Also, it keeps my blood pressure and heart rate low so I know it's working. Also improves balance and works the abs. I would recommend this product. While it may take some getting used to, the results are well worth it. If you want to build muscle, do strength training...if you want to work your heart and become lean and fit, do the Urban Rebounder. Or better yet, do both. (Yes, the videos are a little annoying but I watched them once or twice to get some ideas.)

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27 Apr 2008 - Dee Lopez of California, USA writes:

I was VERY impressed with this product. I loved it!! I was lots of fun, and I toned my body in less than 2 weeks of using it daily! The exercises were easy to follow on the video, and then I created my own exercise regime. I had to get rid of it because I was so addicted to it, that it was hard for me to stop using it after I got pregnant. I wanted to just walk and slightly bounce...but my doctor said ABSOLUTELY NO!!! Now I am about to buy another one. I have bought a lot of equipment. I have my gazelle and ab lounge still. I have bought most of the products, but nothing has given me the satisfaction and proven results as the urban rebounder.

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A lot of fun!

27 Apr 2008 - Liz of Alberta, CA writes:

When I first bought this, I tried the beginners DVD with 'JB'. It was ok, but I leaned it against a wall, and there it stood....until a couple of weeks ago, I brought it back out, and tried the other DVD, with the 'box and bounce' work out. WOW.....what a work out!! The chick is great, very energetic. I had a great workout, comparable to 45 min of interval on the elliptical. TRY THE OTHER WORKOUTS!!

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Program is a joke

21 Apr 2008 - Clark of Norwalk, CT, USA writes:

Although this product boasts fun it's not for someone serious about exercise. Unless you're extremely lazy and just need something to do there's little point to having the rebounder taking up prime space in your gym. There are practically no results unless you want to use this as a way to pump up your heart rate prior to using a real exercise routine. I'm serious about my health and my body and this program is simply a joke.

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A Load of Hype

18 Apr 2008 - Shana of Los Angeles, California, United States of America writes:

This product is a load of hype. I am an avid cardio-addict and have tried EVERYTHING. After shelling out $99.99 for a rebounder and some dvds I am none the wiser and non the stronger. The videos and instructor are out of date. The moves are erratic and teacher, jb, is an ADD-type man who skips around like a child. There is no basis or fundamental form here and there are no results brought about from this particular form of exercise. After purchasing this piece of equipment and videos, using them religiously for a few weeks, I simply resigned to the fact that the whole "Urban Rebounding" system is a crock, and posted them on craigslist - where nobody even showed interest. Save your $ and save your time.

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NOT impressed

27 Mar 2008 - Liza of California, USA writes:

I purchased this as a present to myself for my 38th birthday. The instructor, JB is a little too over-the-top in his instruction and, even though he looks like he's in his late 40s, he seems to have more stamina than the average person. I found it mentally exhausting to try and keep up with the routine while trying not to fall off the trampoline. At the same time I did not feel like it was a great physical workout. The unit was fairly solid although my workout pants always get stuck in the springs and I almost lost some fingers trying to fold the thing up!!! I'm sure you can easily find a cheaper trampoline out there and just make up your own routine. All in all I'd say it's just another hype workout but I know there are much better forms of cardio at much less of a price!

Review Quality: Helpful  (2 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

Impressed so far!!

7 Feb 2008 - Dennis of Massachusettts, USA writes:

Just got it today and fooled around on it without the DVD's. Just cranked up some good music and jumped on it for about 20 minutes. I did get out of breath faster than I thought and broke a sweat within a few minutes. Which is a good thing if you want a workout. I did notice my calfs felt like they were on fire after being off it for around 3 minutes. My fault for not stretching. I'll probably be paying for that the next few days. I have about 40 pounds to lose and I think this is really going to help me achieve it. I'm 44 but was athletic back in the day...and know a good workout when I feel it. I studied martial arts when I was in my 20s and 30s and I remember my instructor swearing that trampoline work was one of the best ways to improve balance, flexibility and quick flex muscles in the legs. Just be careful on this thing and do it for a few work-outs before you get over confident. I started doing some big jumps by bringing my knees up to my chest and almost wiped out after losing my balance but caught myself in time. I'm going to stick to jumping just a few inches high for the next week or so until it feels more second nature. I definitely endorse this equipment so far...but will write another review in a couple of weeks to comment on any weight loss if any. It definitely makes you feel like a big goofy kid again jumping up and down...and it's alot safer than jogging on ice. It's worth the money. I bought a new one [] for less than $100.00 with shipping. Good luck.

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2 Feb 2008 - Ronda of Illinois, USA writes:

I have had this product for 2 years and it is fun. It is a nice change up to reg. arobics and the treadmill and cycle. I have not lost weight using this but I don't think it hurts any to get on it and get your heartrate beaming! I do it while watching t.v. and my kisd love it too. It is fun for the whole family, just be sure to rebound as the dvds teach not bounce for a good workout!

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A fun way to exercise

18 Jan 2008 - Kelly of Michigan, USA writes:

I have been using the urban rebounder for three months and I love it. It is fun and I actually look forward to exercising on it. It is easy on your joints and you do break a sweat but you do need some coordination to keep up with the tape. It takes some practice but it is so much fun that you want to do it. It does beat running on a treadmill. I like the intermediate on the first DVD but I really liked the sports specific segment so I purchased the sports specific DVD online and it is great. My rebounder hasn't had any problems and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight and have fun doing it!

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Pro's and Cons

11 Jan 2008 - Amanda of Alberta, Canada writes:

I have had this a couple of weeks, I got rid of my Christmas 5lbs within a week and this is partly to thank. I use this alongside my supreme pilates table. I dont use any of the DVD's or do the workouts, I just jump on and jump on it for 30 mins, side to side, in and out, knees up, flip your heels back like you are running etc etc....for 30 mins a day. I then do 30 mins on my supreme pilates table per day...........I have to say, having done spinning, body pump etc etc, this combination is really really producing results and quicker. There is a con............ I am feeling very stiff when I first get up in my lower back, which wears off after a few minutes but I hobble like an old lady for a few steps, I am getting sharp pains in my knees if I bend down or walk downstairs. However, I personally am choosing to keep going as the weight is coming off and my muscles are becoming increadibly firm and I can see a rocking body forming which will hopefully come through when the fat burns off.

Review Quality: Helpful  (7 votes) | Unhelpful  (10 votes)

jump forward

7 Jan 2008 - jane of Washington, USA writes:

It was cool, I lost alot of weight. Mymom gave it to me to use. We are doing a choose to loose challenge at work that I'm participating in.

Review Quality: Helpful  (10 votes) | Unhelpful  (5 votes)


11 Dec 2007 - Sara of New York, USA writes:

I'm 13 years old, and my family has had the rebounder for about a year. I wanted to lose weight, but I decided, "Eh, I'll do it later." When I did, I found out it was SO MUCH FUN! I have a playlist to all the songs I like on my computer and I just bounce and dance to the beat of the music. I've been doing it for about 3 days and I already see results. (I have to mention though, my playlist of 76 minutes long) Just because I'm a teenager doesn't mean it's east for me to lose weight (for older folks it is harder, but if you really work hard...) I hope this review helped you.

Review Quality: Helpful  (10 votes) | Unhelpful  (8 votes)

Rebounder still going strong

21 Oct 2007 - Jejan of Arizona, USA writes:

I have had Rebounder 11 months now, and it's still my main piece of cardiofitness equipment.I could not do the beginner DVD, so I do my own thing on the Rebounder; I turn on the radio and move, dance, jog, whatever I feel to the beat of the music.I also get my arms into it, the inertia involved adds some resistance.I get on several times a week and really enjoy it.You can do as little or as much on the Rebounder as you feel up to, and work up.I do go to the bathroom first (several times during a workout at first) got a good sports bra, and stretch very well afterwards, really in the calf area.I keep it upright in the corer behind a lace screen out of view when I'm not using it, it has been easy to store without folding it up, which would be quite daunting.

Review Quality: Helpful  (12 votes) | Unhelpful  (3 votes)

I love it!

5 Sep 2007 - Tammy of Maryland, USA writes:

I've been rebounding for 4 days and I love it! I can actually see my tummy shrinking! The Basic is a very hard, high intensity work out, but I don't give up that easy. The balancing handle has been very helpful. I really want to get the dance work out dvds for it! Oh and I'm very sore from using it, which means it's working!

Review Quality: Helpful  (9 votes) | Unhelpful  (7 votes)

urban rebounder mini trampoline

18 Aug 2007 - Cathy of Oklahoma, USA writes:

ordered urban rebounder , weigh 150 the eye bolts holding springs failed, called company they knew what I was refering to said I had two year warranty, it would cost 3.95 to ship new bolts .I received eventually, they had to back order, now have, can't pull springs to connect to eye bolt,I would like to get new rebounder because without the springs attatched i'ts useless, the ad bragged much on how durable the product was, I still have all my reciepts and the broken eye bolts,I really enjoy excercising on mini trampoline but afraid more eye bolts will continue to fail so I really feel I should'nt of had to pay shipping for the eye bolts in view of the fact that the trampoline was touted as being very durable almost indestructable I'm not heavy nor did I use it every day so I would not recommend this particular mini trampoline..... thankyou, cathy

Review Quality: Helpful  (12 votes) | Unhelpful  (11 votes)

You Be The Judge1

17 Aug 2007 - Michelle of Arkansas, USA writes:

I’m 270lb, and I’m starting again with the battle of the bulge, and I’m not new to exercising. I needed a jump off tape that was about 20 minute, so I could slowly work my way up. I tried the beginners Billy Blanks tapes, but it was too advance and stressful for my knees. Just imagine 270lb woman jumping off the hard floor and landing back on it. The Urban Rebounder is less stressful on my knees and the kit has basic, beginners, intermediate, and advance. I suggest this tape for everyone but especially for those who are over a hundred pounds. Remember to utilize commonsense. Try not to expect to do the whole tape perfectly. Depending on how often you work out it make take some time to get to that point. Remember to go your pace. Don’t do anything that’s uncomfortable or too painful, but remember soreness is apart of the loosing weight game.

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Use with caution

17 May 2007 - Bridgid of Ohio, USA writes:

I used this product last March. On the second day of my workout I felt a sharp pain in my knee. I was doing some type of a twisting manuever that was on the workout DVD. I ended up tearing the cartilage in my knee, having painful knee surgery, and my knees have never been the same since. I sold my rebounder to a skinny friend. I'm about 50 lbs overweight so I'm wondering if that contributed to my injury. Just be careful!

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