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sauna belt heals lower ab pain

25 Sep 2008 - SGC of Manila, Philippines writes:

I bought this belt not as a fat burner but to help my dismenorrhea. It's really quite helpful for those times when I feel intense lower ab pain. But I turn it off after 20 mins each time. I turn it on again after a while, if my lower abs are painful again. So I say, use it wisely.

Review Quality: Helpful  (5 votes) | Unhelpful  (11 votes)

sauna belt

24 Sep 2008 - vishnu of tamilnadu, india writes:

skin gets burend. really u can use it in cold climate to make ur body warm instead of sitting near near fire. its not for reducing body size.

Review Quality: Helpful  (13 votes) | Unhelpful  (4 votes)

let's think about it

22 Mar 2008 - Richard of Virginia, USA writes:

Hey guys, I don't actually buy this product but I think I can offer some explanation on why it doesn't work on some of you. let's think about it for a sec, why are they making this product? of course the answer is to help you to lose size in part of your bodies. How? By making you sweat like. Why some of you didn't go sweat then? theoretically, this product should make you sweat. However, there are some people who don't easily get sweat easily. Those who don't get sweat easily will most likely to burn your skin easily when using this product. Consider this example: this product is named "sauna belt" so, let's consider when you go to sauna (I love to go to sauna). unlike steam room, If you go inside sauna room, it's recommended (in some really nice gym) that you go wash your body and drink lots of fluid before you enter the room. Wash the body: so you don't feel dry inside, dry skin is what make you feel the burned even before you get any single drop of sweat; drink lots of fluid(water recommended) is to help you sweat: water will circulate really fast into your body under extreme condition (high or cold temperature) to keep your internal organ functioning properly. In cold weather water circulate fast to keep you warm, and depositing the byproduct to your kidney faster (thus you urinate a lot when it's cold). In a very hot condition, water circulate fast to keeping your body temperature at normal level, however, instead of depositing it to your kidney, it will go out of the body as sweat. In the end, during both hot and cold condition, you will feel really dry after some time. the difference is that during cold condition, the water excreted as urination, but during hot condition it will be excreted as sweat. Let's go back to this product then. So similar to the sauna condition, i think before you use this product, you might want to consider to wet your body, drink a lot of liquid, and use it after exercise that produce a lot of sweat which in this case, this product will help you to produce even more sweat thus you lose more fat thus weight faster. lose fat = lose size = lose weight. Again, I haven't use this product yet. So if you think that i'm such a bullsh*t, don't follow my advice. Result may vary, how bout that :P good luck.

Review Quality: Helpful  (17 votes) | Unhelpful  (10 votes)

works good

6 Mar 2008 - brittany of Wisconsin, USA writes:

i just got this and i love it. i used it for 50 min and in like 12 min i was sweating bad. i lost 3 inch. It works real good no one in my family believed me. im 17 5'3 and weigh 128 cant wait to see wat i weigh in a week

Review Quality: Helpful  (10 votes) | Unhelpful  (13 votes)

SCAM Velform Sauna Belt - USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

26 Oct 2007 - Chris of Manila, Philippines writes:

I bought this last year when [] (auction site on the Philippines) offer's promotion to their member, which is giving raffle tickets to win 2900 emoney, can be used only for buying items. I won, then I bought it, it cost P400 (8 U.S. dollars if converted) here. The fact that the value of the product is OVERPRICED, it's an indicator of Scam product, and i tried it with no result even following the diet plan. I did not continue using it because I fell uncomfortable at night, my tummy is aching every night. Then i tried to research and read such horrible stories from the internet, user's who use Sauna Belt got Ulcer Gastritis, burns, and other problem's. So i decided to put it up for auction. So my advice is try to research first before making a decision ( mostly all reviews are negative) and second, USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

Review Quality: Helpful  (17 votes) | Unhelpful  (15 votes)

Maybe So?

4 Sep 2007 - Sammie of Alberta, Canada writes:

I've used the sauna belt twice, and I've found interesting results. I'm 15, 5'1" and 121Lbs. I didn't measure myself before my first use, and didn't notice a difference right after the use, but a few hours later I noticed a slight difference in the shape of my stomach. The second time around I measured myself before with 32" at my bellybutton. Now after using the belt for an hour I am 30.5" at my bellybutton. I don't believe the sauna belt allows you to sweat off that many inches in one sitting, I do, think that, possibly, after sitting with the belt on for an hour, you're muscles are tightened from trying to keep your skin away from the hot fabric on the belt. Personally, I find home treatments, such as saran wrap and hot towels, excercise, and dieting, to be a quicker way to loose weight.

Review Quality: Helpful  (22 votes) | Unhelpful  (12 votes)

Velform Sauna Belt effective sweating aid!

2 Aug 2007 - Jessie of Manila, Philippines writes:

I initially got redness over my abdominal area, but that's because I wore it snug, which is exactly what you SHOULD NOT do. It was when I tried loosening it up a bit, that I got reasonable amount of sweating all over my body. Extra help: I wore a long dress/shirt over it to keep the warmth longer; I drink hot liquids; I stay in a room with just the exhaust fan turned on, to help the "steam" in the room escape. I use extension cords so I can go practically as far as the extension cords would allow. I can't use it while moving about because the hot material sears my skin when pressed if I bend, so I use it sitting down while surfing the net. It helps that I’m in a tropical country. The sauna belt is effective as a sweating aid.Work it to its advantage I'd say!

Review Quality: Helpful  (14 votes) | Unhelpful  (22 votes)

try it, and be have faith

15 Jul 2007 - Jenny of North Carolina, USA writes:

well i was sceptical about buying the product thinking well how can a belt make you sweat to help you loose inches? however i found that after working out doing even simple things like walking my dog, it seemed to help work a little better since your muscles are already warm. however try to take a shower before useing this also helps do to the clean skin and warm skin, and drink a hot bev like hot tea this also i found out helps. if all in all it doesnt work for you, well then it does take away cramps. so try it!

Review Quality: Helpful  (9 votes) | Unhelpful  (17 votes)

It's an "okay" product...

25 May 2007 - Meagan of North Carolina, USA writes:

Ok, so many of you say that this product doesnt work because you are not sweating like the people on Television do. That may have something to do with the way your body perspires...??? Some people sweat real easily and some people, its takes them a while. That does not mean the product does not work!!! Maybe they did juice it up a bit by saying you will see results immediately but how else would they get the product to sell??? You also have to develope a healthy diet and excercise regularly to see results. Try that and see how it works!!! Thanks!! Meagan, 17 (NC.)

Review Quality: Helpful  (15 votes) | Unhelpful  (21 votes)

Hello! it most def. works!

11 Apr 2007 - Cassandra of Illionis, USA writes:

well probally is didnt work for all you because [] and use this a a quick and easy way to lose weight, but i'm 118 pounds and the first time useing it i lost 2" inches and let me give all of you a tip, your not supposed to wrap it on tight it suposed to be loose

Review Quality: Helpful  (17 votes) | Unhelpful  (24 votes)

Nice product but not miraculous

20 Feb 2007 - Shalini of - -, Mauritius Island writes:

been 3 months using it. the informercial presents it as a miracle product which makes u lose inches instantly. don`t know who these people in the informercial are but i congratulate them because i have never lost 2 inches after a 1 hour session of sauna belt. Besides u can see them in their yard question: can i know where they plugged their belt? with the six feet cord u cannot go far. sauna belt does make sweat and is an aid for weight loss. i find it useful as i can sweat out fats while working at my desk or use it when i don`t have time to exercise. thinking that u r going to lose inches miraculously, please come back to reality. follow a low fat diet and use the sauna belt to help sweat away fats when u don`t have time to exercise. i saw the results after a reasonable period and not in 1 hour.

Review Quality: Helpful  (57 votes) | Unhelpful  (15 votes)

Don't waste time or money on this

26 Dec 2006 - Lynnette of Florida, USA writes:

I bought this product brand new off a [] site.I followed the directions, but I got two HUGE blisters on my stomach, and lots of red spots. Don't waste your time on this one.

Review Quality: Helpful  (27 votes) | Unhelpful  (27 votes)

Excellente kitchen gadget

12 Nov 2006 - George of Florida, USA writes:

Well, I used for 2 weeks and don't see any results, but one day I forget to turn it off, and let in top of my lunch box accidentally, so I noticed that my food keep really warm. So now I used in my kitchen for rising bread, and making yogurt, it’s a really cool kitchen gadget, must have it. But if you want to lose inches of your waist, don't waste your money.

Review Quality: Helpful  (24 votes) | Unhelpful  (18 votes)

waste of time and money

16 Oct 2006 - Anonymous of California, USA writes:

I bought the sauna belt for $35, it did not work at all! I ended up with red burn spots all over my stomach and absolutely no sweat. It took me a couple of tries to even wear it for 50 minutes because I accidently kept pulling the cord out from the wall. I used the measuring tape that was included and there was no difference at all. Don't waste your time or money. Just go to your public pool and sit in the sauna.

Review Quality: Helpful  (17 votes) | Unhelpful  (14 votes)

waste of money

15 Sep 2006 - Al of New Jersey, USA writes:

tried this junk everyday for 3 weeks. all it did was make my balls sweat(but not shrink). this is definately an infomercial item. tried to return it but all that happened was i got a new heating pad.

Review Quality: Helpful  (13 votes) | Unhelpful  (20 votes)


12 Sep 2006 - Kevin of Nevada, USA writes:

yesterday was first time using it, didnt do much did not sweat at all.... today was second time, didnt do much yet just a BIG ASS DAMN RED SPOT on my skin, lets give it a week.

Review Quality: Helpful  (21 votes) | Unhelpful  (12 votes)

Actually works!!

10 Sep 2006 - Mandy of Washington, USA writes:

I tried this product for the first time and i did not sweat as much as the actors but the after the second and third time i did sweat so much that i was sweating bullets. and so far i've lost an inch off of my waist. i recommend walking while wearing the sauna belt.

Review Quality: Helpful  (9 votes) | Unhelpful  (35 votes)


4 Aug 2006 - Peter of Ontario, Canada writes:

I tried it for 45 min the very first time i got it and it only got slightly warm it did not get hot and i did not sweat but nothing works for that short of time i think i need to use it for a week and then see what happens.

Review Quality: Helpful  (11 votes) | Unhelpful  (18 votes)


30 Jul 2006 - Sue of California, USA writes:

I am almost embarassed that I bought into this! Do not WASTE your money, it is an expensive heating pad! This is the worst info product I have ever received!

Review Quality: Helpful  (12 votes) | Unhelpful  (16 votes)

Sauna belt is a huge fraud

26 Jul 2006 - Max of Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia writes:

This sauna belt is a huge fraud. I've been using for 2 days. Everytime I followed the instructions & did exactly as instructed. But I see no results at all. None!!!! Do not spend money on this product. It's a stupid, idiotic mistake of mine which I don't wish it occur on anybody else. All I got was frustration & disappointment.

Review Quality: Helpful  (25 votes) | Unhelpful  (8 votes)

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